'FLIR ONE Pro' review that can be used as a smartphone external thermo camera

I've been using 'FLIR ONE' in various situations, which allows you to use an infrared camera just by attaching it to your smartphone, but the other day, the power did not turn on and I had to request repairs. However, as the generation of equipment has already changed, we have decided to introduce a new 'FLIR ONE Pro'.

FLIR ONE Pro | Teledyne FLIR

◆ Appearance of the main body
The outer box looks like this.

This is FLIR ONE Pro. The design is different from '

FLIR ONE Gen 3 ', but it is different from 'FLIR ONE'.

With a case with cushioning material, it is convenient to take it somewhere. 'FLIR ONE Pro for USB-C' on the left and 'FLIR ONE Pro for iOS' on the right.

It looks like this when you take it out of the case. The only difference between the two is the terminal. Others can be connected via Micro USB.

The size is about two times smaller than a transportation IC card.

Actually measured 39g.

There is a USB-C port for charging, a charging indicator LED, and a power button on the bottom. The time required for a full charge is about 1 hour at 1A.

There is a description such as the product number on the top side.

The camera is in the lower right position when attached to your smartphone. The top (closer to the connection) is the visible light camera, and the bottom is the thermal camera.

I attached it to Pixel 5 and iPhone 12 and arranged it side by side.

The height of the terminal can be adjusted with the blue dial. You will be able to install FLIR ONE Pro even with the case attached.

◆ FLIR ONE app
An app is essential for using 'FLIR ONE Pro'.

'FLIR ONE' on the App Store


FLIR ONE-Google Play app

This time, I will use 'FLIR ONE Pro for USB-C', so install the app on your Android device.

Launch the app and tap 'Skip'.

The license agreement for end users will be displayed, so read it and tap 'OK'.

Swipe or 'Next' to read the explanation and tap 'OK'.

A dialog will be displayed, so tap 'OK'.

Tap 'Allow'.

Follow the on-screen instructions to connect and turn on your FLIR ONE Pro. It takes a few seconds from pressing the power button to booting.

The dialog 'Do you want to start FLIR ONE and process FLIR ONE Camera?' Is displayed, so tap 'OK'.

You can now use the app.

Press the hamburger icon to display the menu. The 'camera' returns to the previous shooting screen, and the 'gallery' allows you to view the shot images and videos. 'Apps' shows other FLIR apps. 'Settings' are various settings. 'About' shows the version of the app. At the bottom, you can see the battery level of FLIR ONE Pro. Tap 'Settings'.

In the settings, you can make settings for images and applications. If you don't know what 'emissivity: matte' is, tap it ...

It is the ability of a substance to emit infrared rays, and you can see that the basics should be 'matte'. It is said that the measured temperature will be inaccurate for glossy substances such as metal.

In addition, you can set to save the location information you shot.

In the camera view, four icons are lined up in the upper right. The icons are 'Self-timer', 'Spot meter', 'Span', and 'Calibration' from the left. 'Self-timer' switches from 3 seconds → 5 seconds → 10 seconds → no timer each time you tap. In addition, 'Calibration' performs correction manually in addition to automatic correction.

There are three types of 'spot meters', 'spots', 'boxes', and 'circles', and you can place as many as you like.

For example, if you put one 'spot', one 'box', and one 'circle', it looks like this. You can move each location by tapping it.

'Span' shows the temperature range on the right edge of the screen, and tapping the lock icon keeps the range of the scene you are watching.

At the bottom of the camera view, the '+' next to the shutter button opens the shooting settings.

The settings are like this.

The image modes 'IR', 'MSX', and 'DC' are only thermal, the combination of two cameras, and only visible light, and it is 'MSX' that makes the best use of the strength of having two cameras.

The display color can also be changed. The default is 'iron', but you can change it to 'gray' ...

You can also choose 'Rainbow'.

To switch to video shooting or time-lapse shooting, tap the small arrow above the shutter button to display the menu.

◆ Example
The PC I'm working on looks like this. The left side of the main body seems to be hotter than the right side.

The drink in the PET bottle on the edge of the desk is about 18.3 degrees.

The bento I bought has a hot curry part of about 59 degrees.

It looks like this when shooting a video. If you do it in a place with many people, you can feel like a predator.

Shoot Infrared Movies with FLIR ONE Pro-YouTube

'FLIR ONE Pro' for Android (USB Type-C connection) is sold at Amazon for a list price of 54,780 yen, but at the time of writing the article, it is sold for 45,485 yen.

Amazon | FLIR [Domestic Genuine] FLIR ONE Pro 19200 pixels for android (Type-C) 1 year warranty Infrared thermography Manufacturer Part No .: 435-0007-03 | Thermometer | Industrial / R & D supplies mail order

Similarly, the one for iPhone / iPad (Lightning connection) is also sold at a list price of 54,780 yen for 45,485 yen including tax.

Amazon | FLIR [Domestic Genuine] FLIR ONE Pro 19200 pixels for iPhone / iPad 1 year warranty Infrared thermography Manufacturer Part No .: 435-0006-03 Black | Thermometer | Industrial / R & D supplies mail order

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