Macs with M1 chips can compile Linux 30% faster than Macs with Intel Core i9

The proprietary SoC 'M1 ' chip announced by Apple in October 2020 has been highly evaluated for its power saving and high performance. Meanwhile, software developer Jeff Gering says that the MacBook Air and Mac mini with the M1 chip can compile the Linux kernel faster than the MacBook Pro with the Intel Core i9 processor. It has been reported.

The Apple M1 compiles Linux 30% faster than my Intel i9 | Jeff Geerling

Benchmark Pi kernel compilation on M1 Mac mini and MacBook Air · Issue # 150 · geerlingguy / raspberry-pi-pcie-devices · GitHub

Mr. Gering started the Docker container for Linux kernel compilation built by himself on three models of MacBook Air with M1, Mac mini with M1, and MacBook Pro with Intel Core i9 processor, and the kernel compilation speed of 64bit version Raspberry Pi OS Was compared. In addition, MacBook Pro with Intel Core i9 processor isa model that appeared in 2019, and at the time of writing the article, it was introduced as 'the most powerful notebook made by Apple' on Apple's official website.

The compilation speed for each model is like this. The fastest compilation was the M1 Mac mini (8:58), the second M1 MacBook Air (9:55), and the third Intel Core i9 processor MacBook Pro (12:30). Seconds) and so on.

Göring claims that the M1's MacBook Air didn't have a fan, and the fan-equipped M1's Mac mini didn't make annoying noise during compilation. He also pointed out that the power adapter for the MacBook Air with M1 (left) is smaller than the power adapter for the MacBook Pro with Intel Core i9 processor (right), and the Mac with the M1 chip is power-saving and high-performance. I emphasize that.

'The screen may not work properly when connecting an M1-equipped Mac mini to an LG 4K display via HDMI or when connecting to DisplayPort via a conversion adapter,' said Gering. Also pointed out the problem of. 'With a Mac with an M1 chip, you can get the job done quickly with less energy. I'll be a happy Mac user for a while,' he said.

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