I actually baked and ate what the taste of duck loin 'Magure Canal' after collecting foie gras

Foie gras is known as a high-class food, but in fact, duck meat after collecting foie gras is also eaten under the name 'Magure Canal'. When I found Magre Canal on Amazon, 300-390g is 1490 yen, that is, 100g is 380-500 yen, which is not so different from Wagyu block. I bought it immediately. I actually cooked and ate what the taste of duck loin, which is a by-product of foie gras, really is.

Amazon | Magre Canal Approximately 300g (Magredo Canal) By-product after collecting foie gras from Hungarian | High food room | Duck meat mail order

That's why I received it from Amazon by frozen mail.

The total length is about 19 cm.

When viewed from the side, one looked lean, but ...

The other side was quite fat.

The thickness is about 3 cm.

When I turned it over, it says that it is Hungarian breast meat and weighs 384g. The date of manufacture is December 2, 2020, and the expiration date is December 2, 2022, so it will last for about two years.

There was no instruction manual on how to eat it, but

according to the information from the seller, it is common to thaw in ice water → sprinkle salt and pepper → heat on low heat → wrap in aluminum foil and cook with residual heat. It seems to be a process. So first put it in ice water and thaw it.

Ice water thawing of meat is 2 hours per 1kg is

a standard thing with. It's about 400g, so I thawed it in about an hour, but it was still ticking ...

Thawed for a total of one and a half hours. It's hard when you peck the meat after an hour and a half, but it bends if you put some effort into it. Is it a little frozen because too much drip will come out even if it is thawed too much? That's OK.

I took the meat out of the package.

Make as fine a cut as possible in the skin part ...

Let the salt and pepper blend in.

Then put the meat in a non-oiled frying pan and slowly bake it over low heat.

After about 4 minutes, the oil was visibly coming out.

It is said that it is cooked by a method called

'Aroze ', which is grilled while sprinkling oil on meat and fish, so we will sprinkle the oil from the meat. This is a time-consuming part, but I just scoop up the oil for delicious meat and repeat.

If you continue to apply oil, the color of the part that is not in contact with the frying pan will change little by little.

The grilled eyes were a really nice color like this.

The amount of oil was up to about 6 tablespoons.

About 17 minutes have passed since the fire was lit. The instruction manual says, 'When the whole meat is plump, take it out and wrap it in aluminum foil.' While being confused as 'What is the state of plump ??', the meat shrinks a little and the height comes out. So I decided, 'This is surely'fluffy'!' ...

Wrap it in aluminum foil and cook with residual heat. The guideline for residual heat cooking is 'the same time as the baking time'.

In the meantime, using the oil that came out ...

I will make orange sauce and butter soy sauce.

Based on half the oil (about 3 tablespoons), the orange sauce (left) mixed with marmalade jam, vinegar and salt, and the sauce (right) mixed with butter and soy sauce in half the oil look like this.

When the residual heat cooking of the meat is completed ...

It's time to slice cut. It's not the softness of beef with a lot of fat that it can be cut without any effort, but the firm response. In the photo, the cross section looks a little rare, but in reality it is a medium rare roast. I didn't know how 'fluffy' the meat was, and I was pretty nervous, but it seems to be a success.

The total weight is about 400g, so when sliced to a thickness of about 5mm, there were about 20 slices. It's just the right amount to share and eat.

I served it on a plate.

The fat before baking looked quite thick, but as the aroze continued, the fat layer became thinner, and it looked almost the same as ordinary duck meat.

You can see that the surface of the fat is baked and crispy.

When I lifted it with a fork, I felt that the meat was fluffy and tender and moist.

First of all, when I tried to eat it as it was, the moment I touched my tongue, I felt the sweetness and umami of the fat, and I got excited with 'This is !!'. It's a by-product of foie gras, so I think it's greasy, but thanks to the combination of the deliciousness of fat and the goodness of lean meat, there is no waste at all. You can also feel the meaty taste of lean meat, which is completely different from the fishy smell. Roast beef, which is mainly lean, has a taste that is easy to get tired of because it has no fat, while Magrecanal has a rich and rich taste because it has the added flavor of fat.

It is delicious as it is with a slight saltiness, but if you add an orange sauce, the balance of sweetness and saltiness will make it seem like you can eat it endlessly.

Butter soy sauce as a taste change was also good.

I thought that it was a heavy fat finish because it was a by-product of foie gras, but Magrecanal was a well-balanced meat that had a surprisingly rich richness of fat and healthy lean meat. It takes time to aroze, but it is not 'the usual side dish taste' but 'a clearly higher-grade taste that seems to come out at parties and restaurants', so shipping is a bottleneck, but it can be stored for a long time, so there are multiple It seems that the cost performance is quite high if you purchase them in bulk.

In addition, you can purchase one at Amazon for 1490 yen + shipping fee 1080 yen.

Amazon | Magre Canal Approximately 300g (Magredo Canal) By-product after collecting foie gras from Hungarian | High food room | Duck meat mail order

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