Make a crispy "chicken skin cracker" common in a pub in 60 yen within 10 minutes

People often throw out chicken skin, but it is really wasteful. The chicken coat is sold well even by just that, it is quite delicious if you cook properly.

That's why crispy cakes often found in pubsChicken skin crackersIt is a recipe to make within 10 minutes. It is based on the premise that it is easier to make thorns, and the budget is only 60 yen.

For the time being, those that can be arranged are "frying pan", "sashimi", "chicken skin". The rest is a small amount of salt and pepper to taste. No kitchen knife or cutting board is required. It is far easier to complete than I expected.
It is the chicken skin to prepare. It is 60 yen for 172 grams. Purchased at a supermarket in the neighborhood. It may be a little profitable as it also contains a portion of lean besides chicken skin. Of course it is also possible to peel off the skin that sticks to you when you buy chicken and cut it to the proper size yourself.

This is what it is

OK if it is pungent, no problem with quality

So, first heat the frying pan for about 10 seconds with high heat. I do not have oil.

Then, I poured chicken skin in the top, The ignition is intact.

Let's take a look at the movie, the first is like this.

Since fat comes out of them, it will not scorch even at high heat

Fat grew with good feeling

Let's turn over if you get browned with this degree

It will eventually become such a fragrant color. Let's weaken the fire control at this stage as well. Keep it a little weaker than medium heat. All I have to do is pass the fire until it's the color I like. To be honest, it will be over in 5 minutes if you make it well. Pretty easy.

You may put it on the plate as it is, but if you want to further enjoy the crisp texture, put two kitchen papers on the plate

Put this on top of the paper and cut off excess fat

Looking up it looks like this

Then salt and pepper will be completed. Of course it is delicious as it is.

If you can make it with this recipe for the time being, it will be fun to add various things with your ingenuity and ingenuity next time. Clearly, asking this in a pub can make you feel too expensive.

Also, it is out to throw out this remaining fat. If you use it like this for vegetables stirring like this, a very delicious dish will be completed where the soup stock and flavor of the chicken will pass through very well. It is quite possible to make fried rice and etc. It will solidify as it goes cold, but it will melt as it is as soon as you turn on the fire, so there is no problem if you leave it as it is if you make it in the day.

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