I tried to eat 'pork kimchi bukkake udon' which is inevitable addictive with rich mayonnaise entwined with spicy pork kimchi with Marugame noodles

'Pig kimchi bukkake udon ', which is a golden combination of 'pork kimchi' with mayonnaise and placed on bukkake udon, has appeared on the Marugame noodle menu from April 20, 2021 (Tuesday). The juicy pork roses and kimchi with garlic go well together, and when the mellowness and richness of mayonnaise are added, the degree of addiction jumps further. Also, from the same day, 'Udon spicy kamaage udon' is topped with four ingredients: garlic and ginger-flavored pork soboro, white-haired green onions, chopped seaweed, and hot spring tamago. It is said that 'Tama Udon ' has also appeared, so I actually went to Marugame Seimen and tried both types.

Pork kimchi bukkake, spicy mixed kamatama | Sanuki kamaage udon Marugame noodles


Which of 'pork kimchi bukkake udon' and 'uma spicy mixed kamatama udon' is offered differs depending on the store (PDF file) , so I first came to the store that offered 'uma spicy mixed kamatama udon'.

Confirm that you are handling 'Uma Spicy Maze Kamatama Udon' on the signboard at the store.

About 1 to 2 minutes after ordering, the average of 'Uma Spicy Kamatama Udon' is completed. White-haired green onions, hot spring eggs, pork soboro, and chopped paste are on top of the udon noodles. In addition, 'Uma Spicy Kamatama Udon' does not support takeout.

Comparing the size of the vessel with the transportation IC card, it looks like this.

There are also chopped green onions in the store that you can top with for free ...

I added it.

First, break the hot spring egg ...

I will eat it with noodles and pork soboro. Pork soboro is a sweet and spicy seasoning based on soy sauce with the aroma of ginger and garlic. Freshly boiled noodles that have not been soaked in cold water have a chewy texture, and when you eat the hot spring egg yolk and soboro together, the rich richness of the egg and the deliciousness of the meat spread in your mouth.

When you mix the four kinds of ingredients, the umami of the meat, the mellow richness of the egg, the spicy spiciness of the two kinds of green onions, and the flavor of the rocky shore scented from the seaweed are mixed together, so you will get tired of eating more and more. I can't.

If you wanted to make more changes, you could add free toppings of tenkasu to add a crispy texture, or add fragrant sesame seeds to further enhance the flavor.

Then go to another store.

I will order the average of 'pork kimchi bukkake udon' with me. You can choose 'warm' or 'cold' for 'pork kimchi bukkake udon', but the clerk recommends 'cold', so this time I chose cold udon.

About 5 minutes after ordering, 'pork kimchi bukkake udon' ...

I was able to receive a container for condiments.

So, put the chopped green onions ...

I brought it back.

The diameter of the vessel is about 18 cm in actual measurement.

The container has a double structure consisting of a part containing pork kimchi and udon and a container containing sauce. The upper part is packed with ingredients and udon noodles, and the center of gravity is on the upper side, so when you put it in a bag and take it home, you had to be careful not to tilt the container too much.

Put the ingredients and udon in the sauce and try to eat it.

Pork kimchi goes well with the aroma and taste of pork, combined with the moderate spiciness of kimchi and the scent of garlic. In addition, the richness of mayonnaise and the soft acidity make it an addictive taste.

However, when the mayonnaise was mixed vigorously, the spiciness of the kimchi and the rich richness of the mayonnaise were entwined with the chewy udon noodles, so I was able to taste the highly addictive guts.

'Pig Kimchi Bukkake Udon' can be ordered from Marugame Seimen nationwide from April 20, 2021 (Tuesday), and the price is 690 yen including tax for average, 800 yen including tax for large, and 910 yen including tax for profitable size. It also supports take-out, but if you take it home, you will be charged a separate container fee of 30 yen including tax. Also, from the same day, 'Uma Spicy Maze Kamatama' has appeared, and the price is 590 yen including tax for average, 700 yen including tax for large, and 810 yen including tax for profitable size. Only warm udon noodles can be ordered for 'Uma Spicy Kamatama', and takeout is not supported.

Depending on the store, which one of 'pork kimchi bukkake udon' and 'uma spicy mixed kamatama' is available is different, so if you want to make sure to order , check the official website (PDF file) or go to the store. I need to call.

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