WordPress announces 'automatically disables' Google's new system 'FLoC', which is criticized as 'worst'

WordPress , an open source blog software, treats Google's new advertising API ' FLoC', which has been criticized as 'worst', as a security concern and takes measures to 'automatically disable it' Announced.

Proposal: Treat FLoC as a security concern – Make WordPress Core

WordPress to automatically disable Google FLoC on websites

In Internet advertising, a method called 'behavioral targeting ' is generally used, in which advertisements are displayed in a way that matches the user's hobbies and interests. Behavioral targeting is known to be easy to connect to purchases and have very high performance, but as the ' third party cookie ' used for behavioral targeting is being criticized for privacy infringement, Google is using Chrome. It announced that it would discontinue third-party cookies by 2022. And, 'FLoC' is going to be introduced as an alternative.

FLoC, which stands for 'Federated Learning of Cohorts,' uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data from users visiting a website and create a cohort of thousands of users. .. According to a test conducted by Google, targeted advertising using FLoC achieved more than 95% of the performance of third-party cookies.

What is Google's new advertising mechanism 'FLoC' without third-party cookies? --GIGAZINE

The Electronic Frontier Foundation criticizes this FLoC as 'worst,' andOracle criticizes it as 'trying to gain an advantage by using enhanced privacy as an excuse' because it is easy to track user browsing history and behavior. The problems with FLoC are explained in detail below.

Why is 'FLoC' being developed by Google 'harmful' and what is the damage to users and websites? --GIGAZINE

As mentioned above, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Oracle, Brave, Vivaldi, etc. are openly blaming FLoC, but WordPress has joined the anti-FLoC camp. WordPress will automatically block FLoC by inserting the following code into the created website by default.

According to WordPress, for administrators who want to enable FLoC, they may add a setting to allow FLoC, while explaining that they 'should have the technical know-how to overwrite the above code'. Commented. The next major version upgrade is WordPress 5.8, which is scheduled for July 2021, but the function to automatically block FLoC will be implemented in the minor version upgrade that comes before WordPress 5.8.

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