GitHub blocks Google's new advertising technology 'FLoC'

It turned out that GitHub, a software development platform, is blocking 'FLoC', which is being developed by Google as a new advertising mechanism that does not use third-party cookies.

GitHub Pages: Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort = () Header added to all pages sites --GitHub Changelog

GitHub blocks FLoC | Inside Dev --April, 28th 2021

FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) is a new advertising mechanism devised by Google to continue targeted advertising while the use of third-party cookies is being avoided due to the new EU data protection regulations. FLoC classifies users into groups of thousands and conducts targeted advertising based on the interests of each group, so Google claims that it does not lead to invasion of personal privacy.

However, in reality, it has been criticized by many people, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, for being able to identify individuals from various types of information.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation points out that the 'FLoC' that Google plans to introduce is the worst-GIGAZINE

In this trend, software development platform GitHub also added 'Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort = ()' to the HTTP response header to exclude the server from FLoC analysis.

Already , Web browsers Brave , ViValdi , WordPress, etc. have announced that they are anti-FLoC, and GitHub will be added here.

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