Intel announces 3rd generation 'Xeon Scalable Processors', adopts 10nm process & greatly improves performance with up to 40 cores

Intel has announced the 3rd generation 'Xeon Scalable Processors (SP) ', which are CPUs for data centers. Xeon Scalable Processors (SP) adopts the first 10nm process rule for Xeon, and it is said that the performance is greatly improved compared to the past.

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Overview of the 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor Family

The development codename for the 3rd generation Xeon SP announced this time is 'Ice Lake-SP', which consists of up to 40 cores using the Sunny Cove architecture designed by Intel's 10nm process. This has resulted in up to 2.65 times better performance than the system around 2016, Intel said.

The 3rd generation Xeon SP is divided into 4 series of 'Xeon Platinum', 'Xeon Gold 6300', 'Xeon Gold 5300' and 'Xeon Silver' according to the type of memory supported, and all of them are LGA4189-4 or LGA4189-5. Compatible with Whitley platforms with sockets. In addition, the previous generation had PCIe 3.0 x 32 lanes, but the 3rd generation Xeon SP series supports PCIe 4.0 x 64 lanes (128 lanes for dual sockets).

As for memory, Intel's '

Optane Persistent Memory 200 ' series can be recognized up to 4TB (8TB for dual sockets). In addition, Xeon Platinum and Xeon Gold 6300 support DDR4-3200, Xeon Gold 5300 supports DDR4-2933, Xeon Silver supports DDR4-2666, and the memory channel has increased from 6 channels of the previous generation to 8 channels.

However, in terms of TDP (thermal design power), the flagship model of the 2nd generation Xeon SP, the Xeon Platinum 8280, was 205W, while the Xeon Platinum 8380 was 270W, an increase of about 1.3 times.

The SKU composition of the 3rd generation Xeon SP summarized for each series is as follows. SGX indicates the amount of memory area generated by Intel Software Guard Extensions. In addition, the alphabet attached to the model name is Q for 'liquid cooling compatible', Y for ' Intel Speed Select technology PP (performance profile) 2.0 support', P for 'IaaS cloud only', V for 'SaaS cloud only', N means 'network optimization', M means 'media processing optimization', T means 'long life and extended thermal support', U means 'uniprocessor ', S means 'guaranteed 512GB memory capacity of SGX' I will.

Xeon Platinum
Number of cores Base clock Maximum clock at turbo
(1 core)
Maximum clock at turbo
L3 cache TDP SGX Suggested retail price
8380 40 2.3GHz 3.4GHz 3.0GHz 60MB 270W 512GB $ 8099 (about 890,000 yen)
8368Q 38 2.6GHz 3.7GHz 3.3GHz 57MB 270W 512GB $ 6743 (about 740,000 yen)
8368 38 2.4GHz 3.4GHz 3.2GHz 57MB 270W 512GB $ 6,302 (about 690,000 yen)
8362 32 2.8GHz 3.6GHz 3.5GHz 48MB 265W 64GB $ 5,488 (about 590,000 yen)
8360Y 36 2.4GHz 3.5GHz 3.1GHz 54MB 250W 64GB $ 4,702 (about 520,000 yen)
8358P 32 2.6GHz 3.4GHz 3.2GHz 48MB 240W 8GB $ 3950 (about 440,000 yen)
8358 32 2.6GHz 3.4GHz 3.3GHz 48MB 250W 64GB $ 3950
8352Y 32 2.2GHz 3.4GHz 2.8GHz 48MB 205W 64GB $ 3,450 (about 380,000 yen)
8352V 36 2.1GHz 3.5GHz 2.5GHz 54MB 195W 8GB $ 3450
8352S 32 2.2GHz 3.4GHz 2.8GHz 48MB 205W 512GB $ 4046 (about 440,000 yen)
8352M 32 2.3GHz 3.5GHz 2.8GHz 48MB 185W 64GB $ 3,864 (about 420,000 yen)
8351N 36 2.4GHz 3.5GHz 3.1GHz 54MB 225W 64GB $ 3027 (about 330,000 yen)

Xeon Gold 6300
Number of cores Base clock Maximum clock at turbo
(1 core)
Maximum clock at turbo
L3 cache TDP SGX Suggested retail price
6354 18 3.0GHz 3.6GHz 3.6GHz 39MB 205W 64GB $ 2445 (about 270,000 yen)
6348 28 2.6GHz 3.5GHz 3.4GHz 42MB 235W 64GB $ 3072 (about 340,000 yen)
6346 16 3.1GHz 3.6GHz 3.6GHz 36MB 205W 64GB $ 2,300 (about 250,000 yen)
6342 twenty four 2.8GHz 3.5GHz 3.3GHz 36MB 230W 64GB $ 2529 (about 280,000 yen)
6338T twenty four 2.1GHz 3.4GHz 2.7GHz 36MB 165W 64GB $ 2,742 (about 300,000 yen)
6338N 32 2.2GHz 3.5GHz 2.7GHz 48MB 185W 64GB $ 2,795 (about 310,000 yen)
6338 32 2.0GHz 3.2GHz 2.6GHz 48MB 205W 64GB $ 2612 (about 290,000 yen)
6336Y twenty four 2.4GHz 3.6GHz 3.0GHz 36MB 185W 64GB 1977 dollars (about 217,000 yen)
6334 8 3.6GHz 3.7GHz 3.6GHz 18MB 165W 64GB 2214 dollars (about 240,000 yen)
6330N 28 2.2GHz 3.4GHz 2.6GHz 42MB 165W 64GB 2029 dollars (about 223,000 yen)
6330 28 2.0GHz 3.1GHz 2.6GHz 42MB 205W 64GB $ 1894 (about 208,000 yen)
6326 16 2.9GHz 3.5GHz 3.3GHz 24MB 185W 64GB 1300 dollars (about 140,000 yen)
6314U 32 2.3GHz 3.4GHz 2.9GHz 48MB 205W 64GB $ 2,600 (about 286,000 yen)
6312U twenty four 2.4GHz 3.6GHz 3.1GHz 36MB 185W 64GB 1450 dollars (about 160,000 yen)

Xeon Gold 5300
Number of cores Base clock Maximum clock at turbo
(1 core)
Maximum clock at turbo
L3 cache TDP SGX Suggested retail price
5320T 20 2.3GHz 3.5GHz 2.9GHz 30MB 150W 64GB $ 1727 (about 190,000 yen)
5320 26 2.2GHz 3.4GHz 2.8GHz 39MB 185W 64GB $ 1555 (about 170,000 yen)
5318Y twenty four 2.1GHz 3.4GHz 2.6GHz 36MB 165W 64GB $ 1273 (about 140,000 yen)
5318S twenty four 2.1GHz 3.4GHz 2.6GHz 36MB 165W 512GB $ 1667 (about 180,000 yen)
5318N twenty four 2.1GHz 3.4GHz 2.7GHz 36MB 150W 64GB $ 1375 (about 150,000 yen)
5317 12 3.0GHz 3.6GHz 3.4GHz 18MB 150W 64GB 950 dollars (about 100,000 yen)
5315Y 8 3.2GHz 3.6GHz 3.5GHz 12MB 140W 64GB 895 dollars (about 98,000 yen)

Xeon Silver
Number of cores Base clock Maximum clock at turbo
(1 core)
Maximum clock at turbo
L3 cache TDP SGX market price
4316 20 2.3GHz 3.4GHz 2.8GHz 30MB 150W 64GB 1002 dollars (about 110,000 yen)
4314 16 2.4GHz 3.4GHz 2.9GHz 24MB 135W 64GB $ 694 (about 76,000 yen)
4310T Ten 2.3GHz 3.4GHz 2.9GHz 15MB 105W 64GB $ 555 (about 60,000 yen)
4310 12 2.1GHz 3.3GHz 2.7GHz 18MB 120W 512GB $ 501 (about 55,000 yen)
4309Y 8 2.8GHz 3.6GHz 3.4GHz 12MB 105W 64GB $ 501

Anand Tech, a tech news site, compared the 2nd generation Xeon Platinum 8280 with the 3rd generation Xeon Platinum 8380, saying, 'The number of cores has increased by 43% and the cache capacity has almost doubled.' 'PCIe bandwidth While evaluating that the width has doubled and that the price has become cheaper overall, he points out the parts that 'TDP has increased' and 'the maximum clock at turbo has decreased slightly'.

Tom's Hardware also compares performance with 2nd generation Xeon SP and competitor AMD's 2nd generation EPYC.

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As a result of comparison, Tom's Hardware has greatly evolved the 3rd generation Xeon Platinum 8380 compared to the previous generation, and in some benchmark tests, AMD appeals that 'performance per core is the best in the world' 2nd generation EPYC It is reported that the score exceeded 7Fx2 of. AMD is steadily taking away Intel's big share of the data center market, but the 3rd generation Xeon may be the main force to regain the share taken by AMD. , Tom's Hardware said. However, AMD's 3rd generation EPYC, which was just announced in March 2021, has more than doubled the benchmark score of 2nd generation Xeon, so Intel and AMD are competing for market share for data centers. Is expected to be even more fierce.

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