Google limits the 'ability to check other app information on the device' of the Android app

It has been revealed that Google has updated the policy of Google Play, which distributes apps for Android devices, to limit 'the ability to check information on other Android apps installed on the device'. Apps that violate the policy may be deleted from Google Play or the developer account may be suspended.

Preview: Using the Broad Publish Settings (QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES) permission for your package (app)-Play Console Help

Google to limit Android apps from seeing what's installed --9to5Google

To protect your users, Google Play is working to limit the use of high-risk permissions and permissions related to your sensitive information. As part of this ongoing effort, we announced that we will limit apps that use 'permissions to visualize app information installed on specific devices.'

If an Android app wants to get information about other apps that exist on the device, it uses the permission 'QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES'. Since Google treats app information on the device as personal information or confidential information, it has decided to limit the range of apps that are allowed to use this permission.

The permission to view app information on the device is granted only if the permission isn't available, limiting the app's critical user capabilities. If the use of permissions is not related to the primary purpose of the app, is intended to collect data for sale, or can be achieved in other ways, the permission to obtain other app information is Not allowed.

On the other hand, apps that are allowed to use permissions may include apps such as device search, antivirus, file manager, and browser. In order to use permissions, developers need to justify and explain why they need permissions for their apps.

It seems that this policy change was originally planned to be made earlier, but it seems that the enforcement was delayed due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. The policy will come into effect on May 5, 2021.

If you neglect to submit an app or declaration form that does not comply with the policy, the usage of the authority is false, or if you use the authority without reporting to Google, the application will be deleted or the developer account will be suspended. Google said it could be done.

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