Google announces that it will stop acquiring IDFA due to changes in iOS 14 privacy policy

In response to Apple's announcement at WWDC in June 2020, a change in the privacy policy that 'iOS 14 and later requires user permission to track and access the device's advertising identifier (IDFA)' , Google has announced that it will stop acquiring IDFA in iOS apps.

Preparing our partners for Apple's iOS 14 policy updates

According to the announcement, Google is 'working to comply with Apple's guidelines for all Google apps offered on the App Store,' and revealed that it will not use IDFA when changing the privacy policy. Did.

For this reason, Google's app does not prompt the user for permission to track or obtain IDFA.

In addition, if the privacy policy is changed, the visibility of the index for judging the effectiveness of the advertisement will be reduced, so it is expected that the revenue of Google Ads on iOS will be greatly affected. To respond to this and increase profitability, Google recommends app developers to install Google Mobile Ads SDK version 7.64 or later, which supports Apple's SKAd Network, which can measure ad data without using IDFA. I will.

By the way, apart from the privacy policy change, Apple has been obliged todisplay a'privacy label' indicating what kind of data the application collects and uses from December 8, 2020, but various Google applications The label is not displayed because it has not been updated before the labeling became mandatory.

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