Ministop's 'Paella-style chimaki' tasting review that can be eaten with one hand with paella 'chimaki'

January 26, 2021 (Tuesday), in the mini-stop '

Rice Boya of the World ' series, in which 'pork kakuni,' 'kaomangai,' 'chicken gome,' and 'soy sauce chicken' are made into sticks and wrapped in yuba and real bamboo skin. ), A new ' Paella-style chicken ' has appeared. It is said that it has a colorful finish using seafood such as shrimp and squid and vegetables such as green beans and paprika, so I actually bought it and tried it.

World Rice Boya Chimaki (Paella) | Product Information | Ministop

This is the 'paella-style chimaki' that I bought for take-out.

I took it out of the bag and put it on a plate. Chimaki is wrapped in real bamboo skin.

Instead of peeling off the pink sticker wrapped in the center, you can tear the bamboo skin and eat it.

The bamboo skin could be torn apart with a light force, and the chimaki came out from inside.

If you cut it with a kitchen knife, you can see the shrimp and tomatoes as ingredients. It is said that the rice is wrapped in yuba and can be eaten as it is.

When you eat a bite, the saffron scent spreads softly from the chewy rice, but depending on where you eat it, it also has an octagonal scent, so the atmosphere of the Mediterranean is a little lighter. Therefore, some commented that 'paella has been reproduced!' And others said that it was 'Chinese food-like.' However, as for the degree of perfection, in addition to chicken, it also contains plump shrimp and paprika, which is palm-sized but has plenty of ingredients and is highly satisfying. In addition, there was a slight tingling stimulus as to whether the pepper was heard, and when I finished eating, my body became warm.

Paella-style chimaki is on sale at Ministop nationwide, and the price is 170 yen excluding tax.

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