Google announces a new policy that obliges Android applications to ``add a method to make it easier to erase accounts and data'' from 2024

On April 5, 2023, Google announced the establishment of a new 'data deletion policy' for the Google Play store that requires the provision of data and account deletion options. Starting in 2024, Android users will be able to request the deletion of user information from inside and outside the app, such as the app options screen and the Google Play Store.

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Android Developers Blog: Giving Users More Transparency and Control Over Account Data

Google will require Android apps to let you delete your account

In the past, many Android apps offered the option to delete data and accounts, but even when that feature was implemented, Google's Play Store highlighted 'you can request to delete your data'. It was only to be done.

The policy Google has announced today takes a step further to give users more control over their data in an easier and more consistent way.

Specifically, apps that allow account creation from within the app will be required to add a function that allows them to request account deletion. This delete option should be readily discoverable both inside and outside the app.

'Out of the app' in this case means that the user can request the deletion of their account or data without having to reinstall the app to delete their account. As such, app developers should also provide web-based removal options.

The image diagram shown by Google as an example is below. A user who wants to delete their app data is visiting the app's page on the Play Store.

Scroll down and tap on 'You can request that your data be deleted'.

Then I was presented with an option to delete my data and a link to delete my account.

When a user requests to delete their account, the data associated with that account will also be deleted, but users who do not wish to have everything erased may select individual data such as activity history, images and videos. can be erased. Additionally, app developers who need to retain data for legitimate reasons, such as security needs, must clearly disclose how that data is retained.

As the new policy will be fully implemented from early 2024, app developers will have until December 7, 2023 to submit a data safety form with answers to questions about how to implement data deletion. And from early 2024 onwards, you'll see a new data-deleted badge in the data safety section of your apps on the Play Store.

App developers can apply for an extension until May 31, 2024, after which apps that do not comply with the policy may be removed from the Play Store.

Ahead of Google, Apple has mandated the account deletion function since June 2022. With the enforcement of this new policy, Google said, ``For users, we will increase the transparency of user data and allow them to manage their own data. It provides a way to indicate whether

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