Facebook is developing a watch-type device that allows you to control your computer with just the movement of your hand & releases a movie

We have released a prototype movie of 'Watch-type device that reads people's thoughts' under development by Facebook. By reading the neural signals sent from the brain, the device will be able to recognize how the user is moving their hands, control the computer with hand gestures, and realize an 'invisible keyboard'. I am.

Inside Facebook Reality Labs: Wrist-based interaction for the next computing platform


Facebook shows off mind-reading technology

So far, it has been reported that Facebook is co-developing smart glasses with Ray-Ban, but one of the big problems with smart glasses is 'how to operate the screen displayed in AR (augmented reality)'. In other words, what to do with the input device.

Smart glasses co-developed by Facebook with Ray-Ban will appear in 2021 --GIGAZINE

In this respect, in the case of Google Glass , it was a mechanism to operate with 'voice' and 'tap frame'. Meanwhile, Facebook has acquired a startup that develops 'brain-reading wristbands,' and is considering using a watch-type device to 'read the movements of a person's hand' to replace a mouse or keyboard. State.

You can see what Facebook can do with the technology under development by watching the following movie.

A woman surrounded by various solids in AR space.

When a woman wearing a watch-type device moves her finger ...

The solids are aligned.

Also, when I moved the back of my hand to pay the solid, the solid disappeared.

When a person wants to move his finger, the nerve signal is ...

It travels through the motor nerves through the spinal cord and is sent to the muscles.

In order to send a signal to the fingertips, the signal must pass through the wrist, so a wristwatch-type device reads a signal called surface myoelectric potential (EMG) to tell 'how a person wants to move his finger'. Recognize. By giving this movement a meaning as a hand gesture, it is possible to control the computer without a mouse or keyboard.

For this reason, just the action of 'moving your thumb with your hand goo' ...

Remote control operation is possible without a remote control.

You can unlock your computer with just a gesture. Existing computer experiences such as smartphones required the existence of 'devices with screens and input devices', but if Facebook technology becomes a reality, it will be possible to operate smartphones without the smartphone itself. There is a possibility of becoming.

'It's like super power,' says Hrvoje Benko of Facebook Reality Labs.

If various things can be controlled by a wristwatch-type device, it can be operated by simply pressing the 'boil water' button displayed in front of you while cooking. Physical devices have spatial restrictions, but Facebook technology removes these restrictions.

Operate home appliances with only hand gestures.

'Adjusting the intensity and color of the light' that was previously done on the smartphone app can now be completed with just the palm of your hand.

Of course, you don't even need a keyboard.

In addition, Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer said that the above technology is in the early stages of development and it is difficult to predict the timeline such as when it will be released to the general public.

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