Apps that translate foreign languages ​​and display them just by looking at Google Glass appeared

ByMichael Praetorius

An application that makes it possible to translate Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Spanish into English, translating English into these words, just by looking at Google Glass "Word Lens for Glass"is. Since this application is translated in real time and it can be used even if it is not connected to the Internet, it can be used regardless of location or timing.

Quest Visual

You can see how you actually translate foreign languages ​​on Google Glass from the following movies.

Introducing Word Lens for Glass - YouTube

The screen at the top right of the screen will be displayed on Google Glass.

A board with something written in Portuguese appears in front of me.

You can see that Portuguese "TRADUZIR O MUNDO" is translated into English as "TRANSLATE THE WORLD" on the Google Glass screen.

Because the translation can be done very easily, the movie ends in only 17 seconds. It is Word Lens for Glass which is finished in such a clear application, but this isIOS deviceYaAndroid deviceWe are offering "Word Lens"The application of the application called" Google Glass "is called.

You can tell what kind of application Word Lens is by watching the following movie.

Introducing Word Lens - YouTube

It is said that translation of Word Lens is not perfect, but it seems that it seems to be very helpful to understand foreign languages ​​because it can grasp the point of what is written. Compared to traditional translation methods such as translating using a dictionary or using a translation application on a personal computer or smartphone, Word Lens for Glass translates and displays the characters that Google Glass's camera sees (ie, appears in his view) It makes it an application unique to Google Glass that makes smoother and easier translation possible.

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