Application 'DUBL' that can simultaneously record front and rear camera of smartphone at free

If you think that you want to share the landscape of the travel destination in the movie and share it with not only the sight in front of you but also your face in the frame, the expressions and gestures at the time of talking also conveyed It will be a movie with a feeling and a story, but in order to make such a movie you need to shoot both yourself and your face and synthesize it. Meanwhile, the Android application " DUBL " which can shoot both the front camera on the back of the body of the smartphone and the rear camera on the display at the same time to make it a movie has appeared.

Dubl App Capture both sides of the story

DUBL - Apps on Google Play

What kind of application "DUBL" is, it is easy to understand by seeing the following movie.

The screen of the application is divided up and down like this, and the front camera is displayed in the upper half and the image of the rear camera is displayed in the lower half.

It can also be a picture-in-picture that displays the image of the rear camera on a small window wipe.

"DUBL" can be installed from Google Play if it is Android 7.0 or later smartphone, but at the time of article creation, the corresponding terminal is limited to "Pixel 2" "LG ThinQ" and Xiaomi smartphone It is.

Version 1.0 is just released on December 10, 2018, according to the developers, we plan to increase the corresponding model in the near future, as well as Apple is also applying, as soon as the review is released as soon as the iOS version is released It is.

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