Sumaho "Xperia Z1" equipped with 20.7 megapixel image sensor equivalent to digital camera, planned to be released in Japan

The smartphone's camera performance has been improving every time a new model comes out and there are an increasing number of people saying "taking a compact digital camera with a smartphone is about to carry around," but increasingly smart phones like "Xperia Z1" Announced. The camera of this terminal is a 1 / 2.3 type · image sensor of about 20.7 million pixels equivalent in size as used in a compact digital camera, and the image processing engine BIONZ for mobile, can do bright and wide angle shooting By having lenses etc., we have a powerful shooting ability.

Sony Mobile Introduces Xperia ™ Z1 for the World Market Scheduled for Introduction to the Japanese Market | Company Information | Sony Mobile Communications

A movie that appeals the high amount of the description is here.

Xperia ™ Z1 - all the power and smartness from Sony in a premium smartphone - YouTube

Technologies built by Sony independently and lens technologies from Konica Minolta that has been transferred are poured into "G lens".

The Xperia Z1 camera has this G lens installed.

3 times zoom magnification

Furthermore, with such a dim scene, even a moving subject ......

There are also thanks to the bright lenses and I can shoot clearly

Even at night and rain this street

Where proposal is being done while dining outdoors

Shoot the movie in a movie and live on Facebook. This is a newly installed proprietary application "Social live (social live)Things that used.

You can watch videos being shot in real time so you can share events with people who are away.

Also, you can check it on the screen of Xperia while shooting "Like" or comments on Facebook.

Taking a picture of the Eiffel Tower ......

Search information related to it. this is"Info-eye (Info Eye)"Using the application, not only landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, but also wine, books, text strings and even retrieve related information from the information you shot.

Because it is Xperia naturally waterproof

High-speed continuous shooting of a total of 61 images at the moment when the shutter is pressed and 30 images in 1 second before and after that "Time Shift Burst"To ensure that shutter opportunities are suppressed.

I am confident in the coloring of the display

It will be introduced to the world market from September 2013 and will be deployed in Japan as well.

The body looks like this

Color is three colors

Apart from the above applications, "AR effectEquipped with. It is a SmartAR engine developed by Sony that recognizes 3D space automatically, it can enjoy shooting with a variety of effects applied to themes and subjects.

Lens camera "QX100" "QX 10"It is like this when you attach it.

This is a smart imaging stand "IPT - DS 10 M" that can be taken automatically by using the face detection function

There is a sense that the lineup of Japanese smartphone market has been narrowed considerably, but this terminal seems to fully demonstrate the presence among them. Since when, what kind of career handles, it is awaited for a follow-up report.

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SamsungWatchable type wearable device "GALAXY Gear" to cooperate with the Galaxy seriesSony also similarly, Smart Watch that works with Android smartphones such as the Xperia Z series "SmartWatch 2 SW 2"Has been announced.

SmartWatch 2 SW 2 | Phone Remote - Sony Smartphones (Global UK English)

Connectable with Android 4.0 or later smartphone with NFC. It charges via microUSB, and it is usual that it can be used for about 3 to 4 days. The size is 42 mm × 9 mm × 41 mm, the weight including the wristband is 122.5 g. The screen size is 220 × 176 pixels.

Sony SmartWatch 2 for Android Smartphones - YouTube

This is "Coming soon", the release date and price have not been revealed yet.

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