Facebook develops a system that combines AR and stereophonic sound to produce a sound that can not be distinguished from reality

Facebook Reality Labs Research has announced details of an AR system called ' Perceptual superpowers '. By combining AR and stereophonic sound, this system realizes the auditory sense of a pair of glasses and holograms.

Inside Facebook Reality Labs Research: The Future of Audio-About Facebook


Facebook wants its AR glasses to give wearers superhearing-The Verge

Facebook Reality Labs Research said of the study: 'Imagine a crowded restaurant or bar where you can talk and understand what other people are saying without having to speak out.' I am expressing.

As a concrete example, the state of actually wearing a terminal and having a conversation is released. In this conversation, the AR glasses microphone picks up the voice, uses contextual context to determine important sounds, removes the noise, and sends it to the earphones. If it's a phone call or a video call, it sounds like you're with someone by making the participants, voices, and other sounds as if they were coming out of a certain part of the room.

When reading 'context', it seems that information including the direction of the body and the direction of the line of sight from a directional sensor or eye tracking camera is used.

Facebook Reality Labs Research says it has two goals: 'play a virtual sound that is indistinguishable from reality' and 'redefine the human ear.' The realization of that and the public disclosure of technology are not far away.

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