"Google Glass" has a function to take pictures with a wink


Glasses type PC "Google GlassIsYou can take a picture by voice operationI know that, other than that, it seems like you can take pictures even with gestures of eyes like wink.

Eye gestures (and others) mentioned in Google Glass companion app.: Googleglass

'Google-bril Glass kan bestuurd worden met ogen' | nu.nl/gadgets | Het laatste nieuws het eerst op nu.nl

This is because Reddit user fodawim says Google Glass application "MyGlass"I found the item name" Eye gesture · wink usable / unusable "," successful wink calibration / failure "" wink photography ".


As a matter of fact, Google has patents of eye tracking, so Glass may have made it.

United States Patent: 8235529

It is a patent like this.

According to Schmidt chairman of Google, sales to the general become about one year later. I would like to use it as soon as possible.

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