Facebook acquires startup to develop “Wristband reading wristband”

Andrew Bosworth, head of Facebook's AR / VR department, announced on the Facebook page that `` Facebook has acquired startup

CTRL-Labs to develop a wristband that can input brain electrical signals to the computer '' . Facebook is expected to aim to strengthen the AR / VR business through the acquisition of CTRL-Labs.

Facebook acquires neural interface startup CTRL-Labs for its mind-reading wristband-The Verge

CTRL-Labs is a startup that started in 2015 in Columbia University's Neuroscience Research Program and uses a technique called Differential Electromyography (differential electromyography), which is also applied to artificial limb technology, to touch the skin of the arm We have developed a wristband 'CTRL-kit' that reads electrical pulses along neurons. In June 2019, we purchased a patent for the wristband “ MYO ”, which allows gesture input to a PC with the same technology.

You can see what CTRL-kit is actually by watching the following movie. If you have an image of moving muscles in the brain, the image appears as a potential difference in muscles, so intuitive operation is possible without actually moving your hands or arms.


Also, in the following movie, you can check how the movement of five fingers is read in detail just by wearing CTRL-kit on your wrist.

Hand Visualizer-YouTube

Bosworth revealed that the CTRL-Labs team will join Facebook Reality Labs, which researches and develops VR and AR. Facebook has released VR devices such as Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S , and the development of AR smart glasses has also been reported. If CTRL-Labs technology is put to practical use, we can expect further evolution of AR / VR devices, such as the emergence of devices that can track arm and finger movements simply by wearing them on the wrist.

Facebook has not disclosed the exact acquisition amount of CTRL-Labs, but Bloomberg says `` CTRL-Labs has a corporate value of about $ 500 million (about 54 billion yen) to 1 billion dollars (about 10 billion yen) 'Evaluated.' In fact, a Facebook spokesperson told CNBC , “The deal is less than $ 1 billion .” The acquisition amount when Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014 was 2 billion dollars (about 205 billion yen at the rate at that time).

“The technology of CTRL-Labs opens up new creative possibilities and has the potential to reconsider the 19th century invention in the 21st century. VR and AR are the technologies of CTRL-Labs. Is a way to realize the interaction of people one day and can change the way people connect with devices. '

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