I have experienced the real thing of a tactile controller "UnlimitedHand" that comes into contact with objects in the game with CEATEC JAPAN 2015

A tactile game controller equipped with a new technology that allows H2L of the University of Tokyo venture to obtain a sense of touch while playing the game "UnlimitedHand"We started the project at Kickstarter of Cloud Funding. It is the world's first controller to shrink the muscles of the user's hands and impart pseudo tactile sensation to the user by functional electrical stimulation built in the device, and within 24 hours from the project release, the target investment amount of 2 We raised $ 10,000 (about 2.4 million yen). Since such UnlimitedHand was exhibiting at CEATEC JAPAN 2015, I have actually experienced what kind of controller it is.

UnlimitedHand | Touch and Feel the Game World

You can see what kind of experiences will be possible when playing the game with the tactile game controller "UnlimitedHand" by seeing the following movie.

In the game of VR or AR, there was a problem that intuitive operation was not possible with the controller which pushes button, but UnlimitedHand wraps around the arm, and "user gun shoot" in conjunction with the movement of the user's hands and fingers " I feel the reaction of ... "

It is a controller that enables unprecedented gameplay such as "touching the birds in the game" and "getting a sense of touch".

UnlimitedHand has a function of shrinking muscles by giving electrical stimulation from the arm, giving a pseudo tactile sensation or inputting the motion of the user's hand into the game by the built-in motion sensor and the muscle displacement sensor And that.

It is also possible to operate the robot arm by moving not only the game but also the arm with UnlimitedHand.

The H2L booth which developed such UnlimitedHand is exhibited at the venue of CEATEC JAPAN 2015. When I visited the booth, Mr. Kenichiro Iwasaki, who is the representative director of H2L, was just adjusting UnlimitedHand.

A poster of Kickstarter on the booth wall.

Mr. Iwasaki's white device wrapped around her arm is UnlimitedHand. Even when wearing it did not feel the weight, it was possible to play the game without burden. The virtual reality video by the VR headset etc. moves in conjunction with the view, so it can get a very realistic feeling, but operating a real world with a conventional controller makes sense of incongruity very much UnlimitedHand which can be played according to the movement of the arm is exactly the ideal controller. In addition, you will be able to get more sense of touch, so when you play VR or AR game, you will get a deeper immersive feeling.

When I was actually wearing it, I experienced an action that pulled my arm by contraction of my muscles by electrical stimulation. For example, it seems that it is possible to simulate recoil when shooting a gun by moving the arm continuously. Although there was no demonstration that can operate the game at the booth, when I sent instructions from the PC, I could see how Mr. Iwasaki's arms and fingers moved alone.

You can see how the arm with "UnlimitedHand" moves from the following movie.

A state where arms move freely with a tactile game controller "UnlimitedHand" looks like this - YouTube

UnlimitedHand adjustment was done on PC this time, but originally H2L has beenProducts that control the movement of fingers by giving stimulation to the muscles with electrode padsCompany that had developed such as. Utilizing the know-how so far, when it is commercialized at Kickstarter, we plan to ship items that users can easily calibrate. Also, eventually product design will also change.

In Kickstarter 's Unlimited Hand project, we are looking for a contribution until 3 AM on 21 November. At the time of article creation, approximately $ 56,000 (about 6.73 million yen) contributions exceeding the target investment amount gathered, and when exceeding $ 60,000 (about 7.2 million yen) Unreal Engine's development plug-in was made public, When reaching 80 thousand dollars (about 9.6 million yen), we have also established a stretching goal to accommodate further games.

With a contribution of 248 dollars (about 30,000 yen), one UnlimitedHand 1 unit · Developer ID · Unity plug-in and sample game · Arduino / Processing cooperation library · Original sticker set can be obtained, and as extra shipping fee 20 dollars (about 2400 yen) Is required. Product shipments are planned around March 2016.

UnlimitedHand: Touch and Feel the Game World by H2L - Kickstarter

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