FPS "PrioVR" which can move the whole body and operate characters in the game, such as running, hitting, shooting, etc.

soonPS 4 to be releasedIn the game machine, there are many who use the controller when playing, but like the Wii do actions,Operate with gesture Leap MotionThere are also games of new operation methods such as such as one after another. Meanwhile, by installing an inertial sensor on the whole body, you can actually play and operate the character in the game, swing your arm and knock down the enemy and you can play it as if you were indeed in the game "PrioVR"is.

PrioVR: Suit up. Game on. By YEI Technology - Kickstarter

You can see how to move the entire body and play with PrioVR from the following movie.

A man wearing something in his whole body.

As I bent forward in a position to hold the gun, hands with guns in the display moved in conjunction.

"PrioVR" is an FPS that operates with full body action by the inertial sensor attached to the whole body and the controller in hand. By rotating the head and body, you can overlook the field of vision 360 degrees and respond in real time to the movement of the whole body wirelessly with low delay, making it possible to play as if it were really moving in the game It is.

The body of PrioVR attached to the body.

The game screen is like this zombie FPS which is common with this feeling.

However, the state of play is completely different from the game using the controller, when a man squat down and turn his hand on the ground ......

In the game I got a gun that was under the chair.

I shot in a zombie that was in my presence.

When the screen that multiple zombies row up and attacks changes, the man who does not have a gun gains momentum ......

I went to a zombie to kick backwards behind me.

In zombies that have been hit by a battle with an elbow.

Up to 10 players can play simultaneously.

Bruce Lee's movie "Dragon Fist of FuryIt is also possible to provoke the opponent with your fingers as you are doing.

Dynamically hitting ... ....

You can see that freedom of movement can be achieved by swinging down the cugbat with both hands.

By doing the movement with the controller, it corresponds also to the play by sitting in the chair.

In this case, the movement of the upper body is linked to the game, it is the same that you can change the attack and posture by moving the body and 360 degrees can be seen. Moreover, it seems that it is making possible a more realistic virtual experience by installing an immersive display.

The sensors are attached to every part of the body including joints, so that the movement of the player is reproduced in the virtual world.

The aim of the gun will match the emerging red pointer in case of a handgun.

If equipped with a scope such as a rifle, it actually feels like reflecting the target in the scope. Pull the trigger of the controller and fire it.

After sniping the enemies beyond the bridge, we are fighting a fairly real fight with checking that threats are coming from above.

There are three types of sensor sets of PrioVR, and "Lite" is played with only the movement of the upper body with eight sensors, and movement is done by hand controllers. "Core" can perform full body action play with 12 sensors. "Pro" can reproduce the most precise motion by 17 sensors, and it corresponds to movement to the shoulder, waist (buttocks), toe's foot in addition to Core.

If you invest $ 250 (about 25,000 yen) in the project of Kickstarter, you can demonstrate to PrioVR "Lite" (upper body sensor and hand controller) for the first 50 pairs only, demonstration game, flask bottle with logo, T-shirt, You can get one set with name clarification on credit, set a PrioVR "Core" at $ 349 (about 35,000 yen), one set of PrioVR "Pro" at 399 dollars (about 40,000 yen) It is possible to get.

At the time of writing the article gathered over 13,599,53 dollars (about 14.3 million yen) over the target amount of $ 75,000 (about 7,660,000 yen), and it is definitely commercialized. Shipping is planned around June 2014, and dispatch to the outside of the United States requires a separate $ 50 (about 5100 yen). The deadline of investment is Japan time and it is until 23 o'clock on March 31, 2014.

In addition, you can see the movie that actually plays the actual machine of PrioVR which was exhibited at CES 2014 from the following.

PrioVR mo-cap gaming suit successfully hits Kickstarter goal | The Verge

The store type was the upper body type PrioVR "Lite".

Move the head and hand, hold the guns and beat the zombies.

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