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Internet service provider Interlink is predicting the 44th Japan Academy Prize with an AI system created by students during an internship. According to this expectation, the highest award was ' Midnight Swan ' directed by Eiji Uchida.

Movie 'Midnight Swan' 925 seconds (15 minutes 25 seconds) preview video --YouTube

This AI system was produced by four students at the 'Silicon Valley Internship' held in August 2019, and I expected the highest award-winning work of the 43rd Japan Academy Prize to be 'Honey and the Universe.' Actually, 'newspaper reporter' was selected for the highest award, but it seems that 2021 will be challenged again.

In addition, when predicting using this system using data from the past 43 years from 1978 to 2020, the hit rate of the highest award was 51%.

The 44th Japan Academy Prize is boldly predicted by the AI system created by the students, and the highest award work will be 'Midnight Swan'! | Interlink Co., Ltd. Press Release

By the way, I posted this article on the same day of the same month in the past.

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Human experimentation reveals that a high-fat diet has an adverse effect on intestinal bacteria-GIGAZINE

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I tried to eat scones of a genius dough craftsman who melts the dough in the mouth at 'Demerara Bakery' --GIGAZINE

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Is it meaningful to make a work that is not tied to a big problem in society, and what did director Kenji Kamiyama put into 'Princess Hirune'? --GIGAZINE

◆ Neta (memo, etc.)

◆ Science (Science / Academic / Technology)
New mutant strain that slips through PCR test Discovered and investigated in France [New coronavirus]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Hayabusa2 Behind the scenes of sample analysis No rumbling, no container / bottom | Mainichi Shimbun

The entire appearance of the next mainstay H3 rocket is unveiled for the first time Tanegashima Space Center | NHK News

◆ Society / Politics / Economy (Case / World News / Business)
'Naomi Watanabe to Pig = Olympig' Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony 'responsible person' discriminatory production plan | Bungei Online

Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant Inadequate for long-term terrorism countermeasures 'Most serious level' Regulatory Commission | Nuclear power plants in various regions | NHK News

NHK's honor is damaged by false articles. Summary Site editor-in-chief is ordered to compensate | Animation company arson | NHK News

7.9 million yen compensation order for junior high school students Crashed on foot 79 years old Fall, sequelae | Mainichi Shimbun

Osaka-Seoul launches opposition party in South Korea's Busan by-election: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

LINE, the actual situation that information can be leaked to China 'It's a serious case': Asahi Shimbun Digital

LINE apologizes for inadequate personal data management Available at Chinese contractors: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Yokohama Municipal Small, replaced with red rice 'inappropriate' for lunch on March 11 | Mainichi Shimbun

Insufficient personal information management on LINE Chinese contractors can connect: Asahi Shimbun Digital

LINE Personal Information Can be accessed by a Chinese contractor without sufficient explanation | NHK News

Permission to connect to 4 people in China LINE 'No human resources in Japan': Asahi Shimbun Digital

Inappropriate response to welfare applicants, Yokohama City's too ruthless remarks 'Recording tape' contents released | Weekly Women PRIME

<Original> State of emergency canceled in 21st Prime Minister to announce policy --Sankei News

Brazil New corona infection spread and fear of medical collapse | New coronavirus | NHK News

How to prevent obscenity of nursery teachers? No criminal record, previous history, no way to know: Asahi Shimbun Digital

US New Corona One Year After the State of Emergency Declaration Serious Impact on Young People | New Coronavirus | NHK News

Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant, Early Restart Impossible Certified by Regulatory Commission 'Worst Level' | Mainichi Shimbun

Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda and President Sawada of NTT had a dinner | Bungei Online

Declaration of emergency in 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures Final adjustment in direction of cancellation in 21 days Government | New coronavirus | NHK News

US Government 'Mr. Putin Approves President Biden's Slandering Work': Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Photograph of the murder body leaked, sent by assistant police officer Kyoto Prefectural Police: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Rejection of same-sex marriage, first unconstitutional judgment Sapporo District Court 'discriminatory treatment': Asahi Shimbun Digital

Financial Services Agency to Mizuho on-site inspection by the end of the month: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Juna Yamada, a former member of SKE48 arrested for fraud, 'complains about not having a job after graduation' (1/2) <Weekly Asahi> | AERA dot.

◆ Lifestyle (life / life / health)

'Because I'm okay,' my son, who was told that he had a disability due to an intelligence test, was impressed by his 9-year growth in elementary and junior high school. 'I want to cherish his potential.' --Togetter

You can finally be happy if you do this with new construction or remodeling. --Togetter

◆ IT / Gadgets (Net / Soft / Hard / Mobile)
Some coverage of user's personal information | News | LINE Corporation

Make a remote Linux server a development environment | text superbrothers dev

Infrastructure Engineer Books # 7 'Introduction to Amazon Web Services Cost Optimization' / infra-engineer-books-aws-cost-optimization --Speaker Deck

Former YouTuber Watanabe Mahoto Arrested Obscene Image Sent | Incident | NHK News

<Arrest of Watanabe Mahoto> At that time, fiancée Yui Imaizumi said, 'Is there no choice but to give birth alone?' | Bunshun Online

Russia bans Twitter within a month and warns post deletion urgent | Reuters

Proposals for full-scale introduction of digital textbooks Voices of persistent concern: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Anime / Game / Manga (subculture)
[Boundary fighter PV] Full-scale robot animation sent by SUNRISE BEYOND x BANDAI SPIRITS! Full-scale deployment in the fall of 2021!

[Boundary fighter] Plastic model 'HG 1/72 Kembu' will be released in the fall of 2021!

Boundary fighter

TV anime 'Moon, Leica, and Vampire Princess' teaser PV



Movie version 'Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]' final chapter video master version special screening plan announcement video

Memo note version of 'Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version: ||' Q | Nobuyuki Kubouchi | note

I saw Shin Eva (1) | Yuichi Murakami | note

Funeral Freeren: Topic of the Manga Awards Birth Secret Story Reasons to Shake Emotions --MANTANWEB

Nana Mizuki Official Website NANA PARTY

I'm very sorry for my personal matters,
I would like to report that I gave birth to my first child safely the other day.
I was very nervous because I gave birth earlier than the scheduled date, but
Both mother and child are fine and the progress is going well.
When I hugged it for the first time, I was moved and tears overflowed, and
Does this mean that it doesn't hurt when you put it in your eyes? !! Realized (laughs)
Family and staff who have supported me so far,
And to all the fans who watched over me
I am full of gratitude again.
From now on, the days of struggle as a mom will begin,
While taking good care of your body
I want to do my best in my work!
Please continue to watch over with warm eyes! !!

Let's engrave the names of director Kei Oikawa, Masafumi Sugiura, and Junnosuke Ito P as the people who have contributed to the rebuilding of 'Uma Musume' --Junchangchang's diary

The PS5 ™ TV application 'torne®' will be released for the 2021 year-end sales season! – PlayStation.Blog

◆ Sports / Entertainment / Music / Movies (Entertainment)

◆ New products (clothing, food, housing)
New products from 'Mentos'! 'Mentos DUO Grape & Soda' will be released on March 22nd | Kracie Foods Press Release

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