Headline News on April 19, 2021

The A part (15 minutes 53 seconds at the beginning) of 'Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway of the Flash ', which will be a national road show from May 7, 2021, is released for free on YouTube. It is a content that makes you expect what kind of form Gundam will show up in the future and what kind of battle it will show.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway of the Flash | Opening 15 minutes 53 seconds (Part A) [May 7 (Friday) National Road Show] --YouTube

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'Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!' Interview with director Masaaki Yuasa, how did you create the work 'Making amazing animation' --GIGAZINE

[Obvious] Kazuo Koike, the original author of 'Lone Wolf and Cub' and 'Crying Freeman', died --GIGAZINE

IPv4 addresses assigned to Europe are finally exhausted --GIGAZINE

From beef steaks such as 'lump meat' to pork, chicken, horses, deer, and lamb, the all-you-can-eat '300 B ONE' has become covered with meat --GIGA ZINE

How was the concept of '0 (zero)', which expresses 'nothing' as a tangible thing, born and contributed greatly to the development of humankind? --GIGAZINE

Why are 'collectors' so important to humankind? --GIGAZINE

◆ Neta (memo, etc.)

◆ Science (Science / Academic / Technology)

Furious typhoon No. 2, the strongest in the history of observation for April Why development? (Sayaka Mori) --Individual--Yahoo! News

Developed new technology for radioactive material recovery from pig bones Expected to be used for decommissioning work | Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant | NHK News

◆ Society / Politics / Economy (Case / World News / Business)
The number of younger generations is increasing rapidly due to mutant viruses. Doctors at the forefront 'Aggravation faster than expected' 'Beyond the worst'

'Medical collapse, life choice' Kindai Hospital director requests to increase floor space [New Coronavirus]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

News Up “I can't make a reservation” Family chased | New Corona Vaccine (in Japan) | NHK News

Kobayashi Kako, President Kobayashi's interview The false statement at the time of application is 'the purpose is to approve immediately after the patent expires' The result of running for profit | News | Mix Online

What is the evaluation of 'Abenomask'? 1 year from the start of distribution to all households-Use 3.5% 'Unintentional': Jiji.com

First PCR test management manual Summarizes general procedures | NHK Metropolitan Area News

Vaccine “Required quantity for all subjects expected to be available in September” | New Corona Vaccine (in Japan) | NHK News

Executives rage at whistleblowers saying, 'If you sell your friends, you'll definitely crush them.'

The 'liaison meeting' for corona measures has never been held by the Suga administration ... The process of policy making is more unclear: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

The medical system continues to be tight without stopping the spread of the new corona infection | NHK Kansai News

Where are the people who 'escape from Tokyo'? Municipalities where the number of people moving out from the 23 wards has increased, I investigated: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Kurds oppose immigration bill Refugee application 3 times to be repatriated 'Life is over' | Mainichi Shimbun

Does the vaccine work? Mutant strain that attacks the world Double mutation in India [New coronavirus]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Teacher recruitment exam without written and interview, Fukuoka city to be introduced Country accepted: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Prime Minister calls Pfizer to request additional vaccine supply CEO: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Cluster from a game friend's dinner 20 people infected in Yamaguchi Prefecture [New Coronavirus]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Drinking and smoking again at the high school soccer club where the members' drinking was discovered last year Some students who received guidance last time | MBS Kansai News

Osaka's state of emergency, Prime Minister 'Judgment by looking at the situation after two weeks' | TBS NEWS

Cuba's Castro announces retirement, wants 'respectful' dialogue with the US 4 photos International News: AFPBB News

Sexual harassment certified police officer becomes chief Shiga Prefectural Police 'appropriate post': Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Biden's attendance at the Tokyo Olympics is on hold | Kyodo News

Lost without knowing Deposit foreclosure Abuse of 'gap' in court proceedings Proceeding man Unknowingly adopting Fukuoka Prefecture | News / Weather | TNC TV Nishinippon

Health Minister Aconitum Kyrgyz to treat corona, give it a drink: Jiji.com

The largest number of seriously ill people in Osaka is 261 people, more than 100% of bed use.

Cooperation money for Osaka time saving request Some restaurants are still in trouble | New coronavirus | NHK News

'We won the war and the United States lost' Afghan Taliban, BBC interviewed-BBC News

'Don't wear name tags' Police make an unusual request Crime damage ... Personal information leaked from children's belongings

[Video] 'My daughter is not an animal' tears ... A Sri Lankan woman's bereaved family who died in immigration, police investigation sought: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Japan-US Joint Statement Mentions Taiwan for the First Time in About Half a Century Strongly Controls China | Japan-US Summit Meeting | NHK News

[Original] Secretary-General 'Just count the selections' and fraudulently approached ... Aichi Prefectural Governor recalled, 'general theory' for interviews: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

'Very dangerous' new corona 'antigen test' kits available online and in retail stores State-approved products are not commercially available

There are not enough nurses even if the number of beds is increased. In Osaka, where the number of severely ill corona patients is increasing rapidly | New coronavirus | NHK News

Doubled to 5,400 home recuperators in Osaka | Kyodo News

Japan-US Summit Meeting 'Alliance is the Foundation of Stability' Mr. Biden, Prime Minister Suga 'Yoshi' | Mainichi Shimbun

Prime Minister Suga passes through questions about the Olympics 'Proof of victory' is not used --Tokyo Olympics: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Masatoshi Shimomura “All vaccinations may be completed around next spring” | New Corona Vaccine (in Japan) | NHK News

Tokyo Metropolitan Government New Corona 405 Infected Confirmed Monday Over 400 people since January 25 | New Corona Domestic Infected | NHK News

Osaka Prefecture 719 new infections confirmed Newest corona on Monday | New corona Number of infected people in Japan | NHK News

New Corona: Vaccination for the Elderly, Possibility of Year-Ending Liberal Democratic Party, Mr. Shimomura Mention: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Prime Minister Kan 'stood vaccine additionally supplied receive prospect required by September' | new coronavirus vaccine (Japan) | NHK News

Governor Yoshimura of Osaka 'Declaration of Emergency' Shows the idea of requesting the government to issue | New Coronavirus | NHK News

Kendo club general manager dismissed, cash from members Ehime powerhouse, Teikyo Daigo High School | Kyodo News

HOYA's founder family inherited inheritance and missed a declaration of 9 billion yen Pointed out by the National Taxation Bureau | NHK News

Prevention of spread 'Don't expect' 70% Cabinet support rises Mainichi Shimbun Opinion Poll | Mainichi Shimbun

Recorded as extraordinary profit of some companies of Seibu Hire employment adjustment subsidy | New Corona Economic Impact | NHK News

PCR test cannot catch up ... Osaka relies on 'self-help' Medical care distorts education | Mainichi Shimbun

◆ Lifestyle (life / life / health)
What is the crisis situation in Tokyo that is concerned by the rapid increase of N501Y mutant strains (Satoshi Kutsuna) --Individual --Yahoo! News

'The Limits of Nurses-Adhesion New Corona Intensive Care Unit-' --NHK Special --NHK

Desperate Reality of Educational Gap in Japan | Akihiro Koyama | note

'Face-to-face lessons only 5 days ...' Each university returns to online, and some admission restrictions are also imposed | General | Kobe Shimbun NEXT

The trigger was from the train window ... World heritage-class Takanawa embankment Many were destroyed at this rate and became a skyscraper: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

'I told you to buy everything at the beginning.' At the Bearbrick of the Ancient Egypt Exhibition, a reseller slammed the staff, and a case occurred in which the purchaser of Sumikko Gurashi goods was involved and the cash register did not proceed. #Ancient Egypt Exhibition | Summary Department

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, which men's clothing store will give you such a rugged size?

◆ IT / Gadgets (Net / Soft / Hard / Mobile)
Revenue isn't the real reason for celebrity commentators to move from Nico Nico to Youtube! - Nico Nico Douga

First Steps to Rust-Learn | Microsoft Docs

Virtual Typist-Nico Nico Douga

I tried spinning a 'fidget spinner that spins for 5 hours' at 5000 rpm in a vacuum --Nico Nico Douga

Obstacles to US Twitter 'Unreadable' writing One after another Impact in Japan | Mainichi Shimbun

Information on discount sales of equipment for users of OMRON equipment with communication function | Customer Support | OMRON HEALTHCARE

Vivaldi protects users from Google's new FLoC technology. | Vivaldi Browser

Power outages and semiconductor shortages worsening at TSMC factory: Impact on Renesas and Sony --EE Times Japan

[Sad news] My own PC has become a blue screen.

2021/04/18 Summary of presentation materials for the 6th All Japan Computer Vision Study Group 'Transformer Thesis Reading Session' --Takmin's memorandum @ Hatena Blog

Bitcoin plunges 14% at one point Some say it's caused by a power outage in Uighur | Reuters

Accelerate container deployment on Amazon ECS | Bird's Room

WebTransport over HTTP / 3 Protocol Specification --ASnoKaze blog

◆ Anime / Game / Manga (subculture)
TV anime 'The Faraway Paladin' teaser site

[TCG x Original TV Animation] 'Bill Divide' Project Teaser PV

Yuuzan Kaibara Appearance Scene Summary | Oishinbo

'Theatrical version Magical Girl Madoka Magica [New] Rebellion Story' OP Video 'Colorful' (ClariS)

[Limited time release] TV animation 'Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song-' non-credit opening video | 'Sing My Pleasure' Vivy (Vo. Mari Yagi)

[Limited time release] TV animation 'Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song-' episode 4 Song video in the play | 'Ensemble for Polaris' Estella (Vo. Rokka) Elizabeth (Vo. Noai)

TV Anime '86-Eighty Six-' Episode 2 Ending Video / Sawano Hiroyuki [nZk]: mizuki 'Avid'

TV anime 'Zombie Land Saga Revenge' OP theme 'Okawa yo cry together' / Broadcasting on TOKYO MX, AT-X and others!

TV anime 'BLUE REFLECTION RAY / Mio' ending theme song 'Deepest' non-credit video

'The World Ends With You' Non-credit OP video

[Genshin Impact] Ver.1.5 Official PV 'Door with Dust Song'

Kotoha Akane's Darkness Game # 171 'Tree Simulator (2022 Edition)' --Nico Nico Douga

Cute Ushiumi Ichigo-chan and Touya Kenmochi's move doesn't stop [From birthday & endurance convex waiting] --Nico Nico Douga

Amane Cha who becomes a limit nerd to Luna-Nico Nico Douga

Physical Monster Aiba Uiha's Bridge and Nijisanji River's Bridge Summary [Hanasaki Morinaka / Kano / Mito Tsukino / Himawari Honma / Kuzuha / Toya Kenmochi] --Nico Nico Douga

[Cut-out manga] The story of Mikochi who stops thinking in off-collaboration [Marine Houshou / Sakura Miko / Hololive] [Hand-painted] --Nico Nico Douga

[Cut-out manga] Captain Marin who makes Mikochi in the corner of the dressing room Punipuni [Sakura Miko / Marine Houshou / Hololive] --Nico Nico Douga

[Cutout manga] Amane Kanata that won't wake up once you sleep [Hololive cutout] --Nico Nico Douga

Man who wants to celebrate the birthday of his horse daughter-Nico Nico Douga

The original manga of 'These guys copulated !!' now seems to be treated like 'Egyptian pyramids' --Togetter

#Original non-rear fox --Batta's illustration --pixiv

Reasons for not pushing V | Odanobu Vtuber | pixivFANBOX

'Goodbye All Evangelion ~ Hideaki Anno's 1214 ~' will be broadcast! !! | NHK Anime World

◆ Sports / Entertainment / Music / Movies (Entertainment)
Motor paraglider aired on TV. Actually, it was a site cat project where the safety ring of the carabiner (opening and closing type connecting bracket) was not tightened --Togetter

Suspected assault on Tomomi Kahara, arrested a man Trouble during coverage | Kyodo News

Professional Baseball and J-League “Don't be unattended in a state of emergency” | Coronavirus | NHK News

Billy BanBan Susumu Sugawara (73 years old) sang 'Usseewa'. - Nico Nico Douga

◆ New products (clothing, food, housing)
Plenty of umami! Mysterious deliciousness Fermented ingredients x spicy taste exquisite balance 'Fermented Karamucho Shio Koji Spicy Chicken' He Grandma's Nukazuke Present CP Implementation

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