4K images can be uploaded on Twitter, and there is also a new function to prevent some images on the timeline from being cropped

On March 11, 2021, Twitter announced that it has begun testing the ability to upload high-resolution images, including

4K , in the Android and iOS versions of the Twitter app. At the same time, a trial introduction of a function that prevents the preview version of the image displayed on the timeline from being cut out only in part has begun.

Until now, it was possible to post 4K photos on Twitter by tweeting from a browser, but there was no way to upload 4K images from the Twitter app on your smartphone.

Twitter announced on March 11 that it has piloted the ability to upload and display 4K images on the Android and iOS Twitter apps. This will allow people participating in the Twitter test to share 4K images by changing their data usage settings.

Twitter also revealed that it is testing a specification change that causes thumbnails of images displayed on the timeline to be cropped in an unintended way. At the time of writing the article, if you upload a portrait photo on Twitter, it will be automatically cropped and become landscape ...

The new spec under test will allow you to see the entire image properly from the timeline.

Both the 4K image posting function and the entire image display function are available only to some test users, and it is unknown at the time of article creation when they will be officially implemented in the Android version and iOS version apps.

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