Twitter announces 'super follow' function to display posts that are not displayed by normal followers by subscription method

For a fixed amount, Twitter has announced a new feature called 'Super Follow, ' which allows posters to see limited posts that are hidden from regular followers. With this feature, creators will be able to earn money directly on Twitter.

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Twitter reveals'Super Follow' paid service, new groups feature, more at Analyst Day event --9to5Mac

Twitter to let users charge followers to see premium posts

'Super Follow' was announced at the investor event 'Twitter Analyst Day 2021' on February 15, 2021. In this way, 'Super Follow' is accessed from the icon that appears to the left of the 'Follow' button.

Tap to open a dialog and press 'Super Follow' at the bottom to perform Super Follow.

SuperFollow gives you supporter badges, exclusive newsletters, exclusive content, deals and discounts, and access to the community. The monthly price is $ 4.99 (about 530 yen) and you can cancel at any time. There seems to be a setting that only people who super follow can see specific tweets and replies.

At the same event, Twitter also announced that it plans to introduce a 'Revue' feature that allows users to publish newsletters for free or for a fee, a group feature, and the ability to automatically block and mute fraudulent accounts. These new features are still under development, but Twitter says it will share a lot of information in the coming months.

With the rise of Patreon and OnlyFans subscription services for creators from other companies, Twitter users and investors have long sought to create their own subscription model. 'With the advent of SuperFollow, we will have access to a wider range of revenue streams,' Twitter said. Meanwhile, no details were given on how to share the revenue with the creators. Twitter says it aims to reach 315 million active users and double its annual revenue by the end of 2023.

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