'Free-for.dev' review that summarizes services useful for development that can be used for free, you can also discover buried services

In software development, services that can be used free of charge are important to help development. However, some people may think that there are too many services and 'I can't keep up with what kind of free services are available ...'. ' Free-for.dev ' is a website where you can discover such 'buried' free development services.

Free for developers


The top screen of free-for.dev looks like this.

The menu on the left organizes the services by category. If you try clicking 'CMS (

Content Management System )' ...

A list of CMS that can be used for free is displayed. Is a CMS of representative

WordPress is not included, JAMstack be used in the development headless CMS of Contentful since it is included, it seems professional services have been picked up. Also, it did not include microCMS, which is often used alongside Contentful.

As mentioned above, for services that do not exist in free-for.dev, you can suggest adding services by sending a

pull request to the free-for.dev GitHub repository.

GitHub --ripienaar / free-for-dev: A list of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS offerings that have free tiers of interest to devops and infradev

On the free-for.dev list screen, for each service, a link to the service, a brief explanation, and conditions for using it for free are described.

You can move to the category that contains the search target by entering a keyword in the search window on the upper left and clicking the search result.

In addition to the services searched this time, a wide range of services such as cloud services such as AWS and Microsoft Azure , content delivery networks , and services related to design and UI are summarized.

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