"Website Value" that tells you the monetary value of your domain

For example, Yahoo! (Yahoo.co.jp), 94.7 billion yen in Japan, Google's in Japan (Google.co.jp), 48.5 billion yen, FC 2 (Fc2.com) Is 45.1 billion yen, Ameba (Ameblo.jp), 21.7 billion yen, Livedoor (Livedoor.com), 21.6 billion yen, Rakuten (Rakuten.co.jp) Is 20 billion yen, goo (Goo.ne.jp) Is 18.6 billion yen, mixi (Mixi.jp) Is 15 billion yen, Japanese Amazon (Amazon.co.jp) Is 14 billion yen, 2 chan (2 ch.net) 9.6 billion yen ... ... and if you enter the domain as such, the value that displays as "yen" is "Website value"is.

So, the actual way to use is from the following.
What is the value of your website, the value of your blog, and the value of your site? Japan

Easy to use, just enter the domain and click "Value"

Then the price will come out like this. In the case of GIGAZINE it seems to be about 900 million yen.

OtherAlexaIt displays various kinds of page views and similar analogy based on the information of. It seems that it is based on data from people who installed the Alexa toolbar and various information, but it seems that it has not changed from what it was long before it says anything, it is not reliable.

For Alexa, the following site entry will be helpful.

Alexa is surprisingly available for competitive analysis | Web personnel Forum

What is Alexa (Alexa) - Part 1 (1/3): MarkeZine (Marketzin)

Alexa ranking - how much trustworthy - - www.internet.com

The Alexa toolbar seems to be installed by such people and a considerable number is used because it makes it easier to check the ranking in Alexa.

Automatic collection by such a program has the advantage that it can take a larger number of data and can create a ranking closer to actual status. However, there is a disadvantage that the aggregated data only reflects the surfing of "the person who is likely to enter Alexa toolbar".

Matt Cutts, a Google engineer and famous blogger, questioned the authenticity of the Alexa ranking, based on Alexa's data that the number of visitors to Ask.com is only four times that of his blog .

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