"Stellog" to judge whether the possibility of Yarase is high in the evaluation of the eating log

Among the people who gave high ratings such as 4.0 - 5.0, the awesome free service that judges that there is a possibility of Yarase more than 60% is taken out by giving out the proportion of those who have reviewed in the past, and on the net It appeared. That name is "Stelog"," Stealth marketing "+" eating log "sounds like a coined word.


Easy to use, just enter the address of the page you want to check in the eating log and press "send"

Then the judgment will be displayed. It is "without Yarase" here.


"Subtle line"

"Is it Yarase?"

According to the explanation of the site, "However, when it is five people or fewer who made a high reputation, it is impossible to judge, however, where you pay extra money for stealth marketing, you have users with a lot of reviews I can not judge, but I think the shop that pays the high-quality stema will not be that bad. "

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