Available in various equipment, inexpensive "multi AC adapter" appears

Although it is an AC adapter that is used to supply power with various equipment, if you try to replace it in case of loss or disconnection, the person who was surprised that genuine adapter is surprisingly expensive Is not there also?

In addition, although the shape and voltage of the connector that is compatible with each device are different, it is necessary to manage multiple adapters, and it is quite a troublesome AC adapter, but you can use various devices with one unit An inexpensive "multi AC adapter" to be able to come up has appeared.

Details are as below.
Multiple AC adapter available for various equipment Japan Trust Technology

According to the official page of Nippon Trust Technology, the company has released a new "Multi AC Adapter" that can be used with any equipment. The assumed price is "Standard type" of output power 6W is 1980 yen, 21W "high power type" is 3980 yen.

"Multiple AC Adapter" is a function that can be used as a power source for various portable equipments such as game machine, CD player, One Seg TV, etc., with seven stages of voltage switching function and six types of accessory connectors. If the AC adapter is lost , It can also be used as a power source in the event that it becomes disconnected and unavailable.

This is a standard type.

High power type.

The body looks like this.

By replacing the previous connector, it corresponds to various equipment.

Voltage can be changed by switching the dial inside the main body.

I feel that ease of use will improve even more if a connection that can charge mobile phones and smart phones also comes with, is there a possibility that it may be offered separately ...?

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