I tried using 'Jam' which allows anonymous voice chat just by sharing the URL without creating an account for free

Since around January 2021, the voice SNS application '

Clubhouse ' has become a hot topic in Japan, but Clubhouse has ' problems with access to smartphone contacts ' and ' risk of monitoring by the Chinese government '. It is also pointed out that. With Jam, a free internet service whose code is open source, you can chat by voice just by sharing the URL, without having to register an account or allow the camera to be used. So I actually tried using it.


When you access the above URL, the following will be displayed. Enter the 'chat room title' and 'chat room description' in the two fields, respectively, and click 'Start room'. Entering in the two fields is optional.

A message asking for permission to use the microphone will appear. Click 'Allow'.

Then, a chat room was automatically opened. The name 'Tasty Pear' is also randomly given. When you first click on your avatar ...

An input field for your name and email address is displayed. As a test, enter a name and click Update Profile.

Then I was able to change the name. Also, the avatar is automatically changed to a random one.

Next, I want to invite participants to the chat room, so click Share and then Copy Link. Then, the URL of this chat room will be copied to the clipboard, so share it with the person you want to invite using email or SNS.

When the invited person entered the chat room, that person's avatar was displayed in the chat room. To start a conversation with the other person ...

Click your avatar, then click Invite to Stage.

Then, the avatar of the other party was displayed next to me. Furthermore, if you click 'You're silent' at the bottom of the screen ...

The 'monkey' emoticon at the bottom right of my icon has disappeared and the microphone is enabled. Now you can talk freely with the other party.

You can disable the microphone by pressing the same button again, which is convenient when you receive a call during a conversation.

By pressing the button in the red frame, it is possible to turn off the audio output of the entire chat room.

You can leave the chat room by clicking 'Leave'. Even if the person who created the chat room leaves the room, the chat room will not be closed.

Jam can be used on both PCs and smartphones just by sharing the URL, so I'm a little disappointed that I want to use Clubhouse, but I can't use it unless I invite the person who registered the phone number or the person invites me. I felt that it would come in handy when I thought, 'I want to have a voice conversation with someone I like online.'

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