I tried to make a cat of grated radish and mashed potato using 'Grated radish Nyan' that can easily make a three-dimensional cat

' Grated radish Nyan ' is a cooking product that allows you to make a three-dimensional cat just by putting ingredients such as grated radish into a mold. I heard that it can be used with ingredients other than grated radish, so I actually made cats with various ingredients.

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The package of 'Grated radish Nyan' looks like this.

'Grated radish Nyan' consists of three parts: the main body, insoles, and pushers.

The main body is about 6.5 cm in length and about 3 cm in width.

The face of the cat is drawn on the main body. Note that this face is only drawn on the surface, so the finished cat will not have a face.

First, let's make a cat with grated radish.

After making grated radish, use a colander to cut the juice.

How to use grated radish Nyan is like this. First, set the insole on the main body.

After setting the insole, fill the body with grated radish.

At this time, in order to make a cat with a beautiful ear shape, it is important to use chopsticks etc. to stuff the grated radish firmly to the tip of the ear.

After filling the grated radish enough, use a pusher to push the juice out of the hole in the back.

After draining the juice, place it on a plate and remove the main body and insole ...

The cat is completed.

Seen from the front, it looks like this. The roundness of the cat is reproduced.

Seen from behind, it looks like this.

It's a little lonely if it's pure white, so I'll use the tip of a fork to drip soy sauce and draw a pattern.

When I drew a pattern, it became like a cat at once.

At 'Grated radish Nyan', you can make cats with ingredients other than grated radish. Next, I will make a cat with grated carrots.

A cat made from grated carrots looks like this. Grated carrots are not as watery as grated radish, so you don't need to drain them in advance. I was able to easily make a cat.

I wanted to try something other than grated ingredients, so I decided to try making a cat with mashed potatoes.

A cat made from mashed potatoes looks like this. It's a little bumpy, but it doesn't look like a cat.

When I actually tried using 'Grated radish Nyan', I was able to easily make a cat without any particularly difficult work.

This time I tried to make a cat with grated radish, grated carrot, and mashed potato, but it seems that you can make cats with various ingredients depending on your ingenuity.

'Grated radish Nyan' is on sale from February 1, 2021. At Amazon.co.jp, you can get one for 150 yen at the time of article creation.

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