"Maru-chan Takumi Black Oil Oil Pork" is a strong garlic flavor

I picked it up the other day."Maru-chan Takumi Black Oil Oil Pork"I ordered it because it was lining up on the shelves of convenience stores. I'm curious what kind of black oily oil is like.

Details are as follows.
The contents are like this. Black oily oil seems to be in special soup.

Pour hot water and wait 5 minutes while warming soup and retort cooked goods on the lid.


As shown in the picture, black melamine oil is crowded, but not so scented of garlic. However, when you drink a sip, you will have a very good flavor of garlic. This is a little sweet Tonkotsu soup and it tastes good. It is feeling that the char sew of retort cooked goods is solid while diluting. I think that it might be good to adjust the time to eat after putting hot water, since it thinks that it was finished in a very good product if the sushi is a little more solid.

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