I tried using the 75g thin and lightweight electronic memo pad 'Boogie Board BB-14' and the scanning application 'Boogie Board SCAN' that can capture memos on a smartphone.

King Jim's electronic memo pad ' Boogie Board Series ' that can be erased and rewritten many times includes various sizes such as the

13.8 inch 'Boogie Board BB-11' and the sticky size 'Boogie Board BB-12'. Is in the lineup. From such a boogie board series, A6 size ' Boogie board BB-14 ' will appear from January 20, 2021. Furthermore, since January 7, 2021, the smartphone app ' Boogie Board SCAN ' that can scan and save the contents written in the Boogie Board series has also appeared, so I actually tried using it.

A6 notebook size is now available in the electronic memo pad 'Boogie Board' series! 'Boogie Board' BB-14 released | News 2021 | King Jim of Files and Tepra

Boogie Board SCAN, a dedicated boogie board app

The package of 'Boogie Board BB-14' looks like this. The body color of 'Boogie Board BB-14' is 'Kiro', 'Midori', 'Navy', 'Kuro', and 'Shiro', and this time we will use 'Kuro'.

There is one 'Boogie Board BB-14' inside.

The main body of 'Boogie Board BB-14' looks like this. The size of the screen is about 6 inches of 93 mm x 124 mm, and a button to erase the written contents is arranged at the bottom of the screen. In addition, a stylus is attached to the right side of the main body.

There is a protrusion on the top of the stylus that can be firmly fixed to the body.

The back side looks like this. A magnet is attached to the top. In addition, the right side is laser-engraved with a scale up to 14 cm, which can be used as a simple ruler.

At the bottom of the back, the model name, manufacturer name, country of

origin , and VCCI mark are printed .

When iPhone 12s are lined up side by side to compare their sizes, it looks like this. The vertical length is about the same as the iPhone 12.

The thickness is like this. You can see that it is a little thinner than the iPhone 12.

It weighs 75g.

When I take it with my hand, it looks like this. It's a size that you can easily hold with one hand, and you can easily carry it with almost no weight.

When I actually write it, it looks like this. 'Boogie Board BB-14' is compatible with pen pressure sensing, and you can use thin lines and thick lines properly.

'Boogie Board BB-14' displays the written contents with almost no delay, so you can write with the same feeling as writing on paper. In addition, you can check how to actually write characters on 'Boogie Board BB-14' in the following movie.

I wrote a letter on 'Boogie Board BB-14' --YouTube

In addition, with 'Boogie Board BB-14', you can instantly delete the written content and write new content. In addition, 'Boogie Board BB-14' is operated by a button battery, and it can be used repeatedly about 30,000 times with one battery replacement.

Erasing the contents written on 'Boogie Board BB-14' --YouTube

The approximately 6-inch screen installed in the 'Boogie Board BB-14' can write to the edge of the screen.

You can also use the magnet on the back to attach it to a refrigerator.

In addition, you can write with something other than the attached stylus, so you can use it even if you lose the stylus.

When I put the 'Boogie Board BB-14' in my bag and carried it around, the things in my bag hit the screen and my notes got dirty. It is safer to prepare some kind of case when you carry it in your bag.

The content written on 'Boogie Board BB-14' can be scanned and saved using the app 'Boogie Board SCAN'. There are iOS version and Android version of the app.

'Boogie Board SCAN' on the App Store


Boogie Board SCAN-Google Play App

This time I will use the iOS version. First, search for ' Boogie Board SCAN ' in the App Store and tap 'Get'.

Then tap 'Install' to install 'Boogie Board SCAN'.

When the installation is complete, tap 'Open' to launch 'Boogie Board SCAN'.

When you start 'Boogie Board SCAN', the tutorial will be displayed. Swipe left to read it.

After reading the tutorial to the end, tap 'Start'.

Then, you will be instructed to select the boogie board you want to use, so tap 'OK'.

A list of boogie boards will be displayed like this, so find and tap 'Boogie board BB-14'.

Next, the colors of 'Boogie Board BB-14' will be displayed in a list, so select the 'Black' you are using this time and the initial settings are complete.

The home screen of 'Boogie Board SCAN' looks like this. The scanned image is displayed in the central area. Also, at the bottom of the screen, there are folders, scan buttons, and settings for organizing scanned images. Tap the scan button to scan the content written on 'Boogie Board BB-14'.

You will be asked for permission to access the camera, so tap 'OK'.

The scan screen looks like this. The screen part of 'Boogie Board BB-14' is surrounded by a green frame, and the written contents are automatically scanned.

The scanned content is automatically converted to an image with black text on a white background. The converted image can be saved by tapping 'Save' at the top right of the screen.

When you tap Save, a save completion notification will be displayed, so tap 'OK'.

The saved image will be displayed on the home screen.

The Boogie Board SCAN also allows you to edit the scanned image. To make edits, tap 'Edit' at the bottom right of the preview screen of the scanned content.

The edit screen looks like this. At the bottom of the screen, there are handwriting tools, erase tools, character input tools, background color change tools, and rotation tools.

This time, I tapped 'Write' to add characters by handwriting, and tapped 'Save' in the upper right to save the edited image.

The saved image will be displayed on the home screen in the same way as a normal scan.

The appeal of the Boogie Board series is that you can easily write notes and draw illustrations, but by combining it with the 'Boogie Board SCAN' that allows you to scan and save the written content, it seems that the usage will expand further.

In addition, 'Boogie Board BB-14' is scheduled to appear from January 20, 2021 for 3200 yen excluding tax. At the time of writing the article, you can reserve 5 colors of 'Kiiro', 'Midori', 'Navy', 'Kuro', and 'Shiro' for 3520 yen each on Amazon.co.jp.

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