A ticket sales company hacks a rival company like a 'business strategy' and is ordered to pay a fine of 1 billion yen

American ticket sales company's largest '

ticket master ' is a rival company to its own employees had worked previously ' Songkick admitted that had been hacked to Songkick and unauthorized use the login information for the' $ 10 million I agreed to pay a fine (about 1 billion yen).


Ticketmaster to Pay $ 10M Fine Over Charges It Hacked Rival's System --Variety

Ticketmaster admits it hacked rival company before it went out of business | Ars Technica

In 2020, Ticketmaster acknowledged in a document filed with the United States Department of Justice that its employees sent Songkick account login information to Ticketmaster between 2013 and 2015. This login information was the login credentials of multiple accounts used to manage pre-sale tickets. During a meeting held at Ticketmaster, the employee actually logged in to his account and advocated the usefulness of hacking as if it were a legitimate business strategy.

In addition, in 2015, the employee found a flaw in the URL generation scheme of an undisclosed ticket page on Songkick and informed Ticketmaster's management how to quickly obtain information such as new artists. thing. Ticketmaster has used these methods to create a situation where artists can trade to use their services. Employees were later promoted to the position of customer relationship director.

In February 2017, Songkick filed a lawsuit in federal court for violating antitrust and anti-competitive behavior with Ticketmaster, who had previously been suspected of violating antitrust laws. In response, Ticketmaster has fired two officers for being 'involved in hacking.' However, the problem still remains, and Songkick goes bankrupt in October 2017. Songkick CEO Matt Jones mentioned antitrust and hacking in a letter to his customers, saying 'it's still going on as of October 2017.'

A formal trial began in November 2017 after the bankruptcy, and in January 2018, Ticketmaster agreed to pay Songkick a $ 110 million settlement on antitrust law. .. After the officer pleaded guilty to hacking in 2019, Ticketmaster officially pleaded hacking, and this decision ordered a fine of about 1 billion yen for computer intrusion and fraudulent crimes.

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