Facebook says it has 'no choice' other than accepting Apple's ad tracking spec changes

Starting with iOS 14, Apple has announced that it will change the traditional opt-out (without user permission) collection of personal information to opt-in (user permission). Facebook is a big opposition to this specification change, but the company says that there is 'no choice' other than accepting the specification change.

Personalized ads and user privacy can coexist, Facebook tells businesses | iMore

Facebook tells businesses it has no choice but to comply with upcoming App Tracking Transparency feature in iOS 14 --9to5Mac

At the developer conference WWDC 2020 held in August 2020, Apple announced that it will revise its privacy policy to prohibit apps from collecting personal information without the user's permission. Specifically, it was announced that the advertising identifiers and IDFAs used in iOS could not be collected without the user's permission.

However, because IDFA is widely used in targeted advertising for iOS users and is life-threatening data for the mobile advertising industry, Apple's revision of its privacy policy has been hit hard by advertising companies. In particular, Facebook, which accounts for most of its revenue, has frequently issued warnings such as 'Revision of iOS 14's privacy policy will make targeted advertising difficult and will drastically reduce advertising revenue.'

Facebook warns that 'iOS 14 privacy policy revision will make targeted advertising difficult and will drastically reduce advertising revenue' --GIGAZINE

Apple said on December 14, 2020, in preparation for a revision of its privacy policy, 'The App Store uses data that may be collected by apps on product pages and data used for tracking before users download apps. dolphin you'll be able to see 'the announcement . As a result, it turned out that there is a considerable difference in the amount of information collected by the app, for example, even in the same messaging app.

As a result of Apple's obligation to display 'user data collected by apps', the difference in the amount collected by each app is highlighted --GIGAZINE

Facebook has opposed the revision of its privacy policy, but it has become clear that it has told its affiliates that it 'has no choice but to comply.' An email was leaked that Facebook sent to an affiliate, in which 'All apps on the App Store must follow the App Tracking Transparency framework and ask iOS 14 users for permission to collect IDFAs. The denial requirement has a significant impact on targeting, optimizing, and measuring the effectiveness of campaigns for companies that place ads on mobile devices and the web. While Apple's changes benefit them, the industry And companies of all sizes can efficiently market and undermine their ability to grow through personalized advertising. We believe that personalized advertising and user privacy can coexist, 'says Facebook. ..

Facebook also told businesses that although they disagree with Apple's solution, they 'have no choice' other than displaying opt-in notifications and continuing to use Apple's advertising identifiers in their ads. Facebook believes that if this policy is not followed, the Facebook app may be removed from the App Store, saying that 'it could cause further damage to companies and users who depend on our services.' I will.

In addition, Facebook said that opt-in use of IDFA will 'reduce the effectiveness of advertising and limit the range of measurement', and predict that advertising revenue will decrease by 60% than before. I will.

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