Sony officially provides Linux driver for PS5 Dual Sense

Sony has released a driver for Linux of the PS5 controller 'DualSense'. It can be used in USB / Bluetooth mode, and it also supports the operation of touchpads, LEDs, accelerometers, and gyroscopes.

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PS5's 'Dual Sense' is a controller equipped with cutting-edge functions such as ' adaptive trigger ' that changes the tension of the trigger according to the scene and expressive haptic feedback . It is already available on PC and Android as well as PS5, and is supported by the game platform Steam.

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Sony has already provided a 'hid-sony' driver for the kernel for Linux support of its own device, but the DualSense Linux driver released this time is called 'hid-playstation', which is different from hid-sony. It is said that it is prepared as a driver. At the time of writing the article, it can be connected by either USB or Bluetooth, and it corresponds to the operation of the touch pad, LED, acceleration sensor, gyroscope, etc. DualSense-specific functions such as 'adaptive trigger' and 'haptic feedback' are not supported.

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At the time of writing the article, the driver has not been merged into the mainline of the Linux kernel, so you will need to patch it yourself to build the kernel. There are 13 patches in total, which can be obtained from the following URL.

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I applied all the above patches to my latest version of Linux 5.10.2 at the time of writing the article on Ubuntu 20.10, and executed the 'bindeb-pkg' command to build the kernel, but the build succeeded. The kernel module of 'hid-playstation' was not created and the driver could not be used.

In addition, on Steam installed on Linux, it was recognized as a 'PlayStation 5 controller' without a driver, and normal key operations, LED adjustments, vibrations, etc. were possible.

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