A movie shot by a pilot of a mysterious 'jet pack man' flying hundreds of meters above the sky will be released

In August 2020, a man equipped with a

jet pack that flies in the sky with the propulsive force of jet injection, carrying it on his back like a bag, flew near an airplane, which became a big topic. On December 21, a pilot belonging to the Los Angeles Aviation School witnessed a jetpack man flying at an altitude of several hundred meters, and a movie of the situation was released.

Video Taken By Pilots Of What Could Be The Elusive Los Angeles Jet Pack Guy Emerges (Updated)

Possible'Jetpack Guy' sighting? Video suggests mystery person spotted off Palos Verdes

The figure of a man carrying a jetpack and flying at the same altitude as an airplane has been witnessed multiple times in 2020. In an August sighting, American Airlines flight 1997, flying 16 km from Los Angeles International Airport , reported to the airport tower that 'the aircraft overtook a man equipped with a jetpack.' At this time, the altitude of Flight 1997 was about 3000 feet (about 910 meters), and the Jetpack man was flying at about the same altitude, and the distance between Flight 1997 and the Jetpack man was only about 300 yards (about 270 meters). It was.

An unidentified 'man flying with a jet pack' runs in parallel with a passenger plane --GIGAZINE

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have set out to investigate the jetpack man, as flights near the flight path to the airport are prohibited. However, two months later, in October, a jetpack man was witnessed again near Los Angeles International Airport. China Airlines flight 006, which witnessed a jetpack man in October, reported that he 'saw an object like a flight suit with a jetpack at an altitude of 6000 feet', the last sighting. The altitude is even higher than in the case.

'Jetpack man sighting incident' by aircraft reoccurs, this time flying '1800 meters above' --GIGAZINE

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And on December 21, a pilot from Sling Pilot Academy , a pilot training school in Torrance , California, witnessed a jetpack man over the coast of Los Angeles for training.

According to the Sling Pilot Academy, the aircraft being trained was flying in the training area between the Palos Verdes Peninsula and Santa Catalina Island at an altitude of 3000 feet, flying in the opposite direction of the aircraft. He said he saw an object like a man carrying a jet pack.

At this time, instructor Brandy Fogelman, who was sitting on the right side of the aircraft, is shooting a jetpack man with a smartphone, and the actual movie is released on Instagram.

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When the movie starts ...

With Santa Catalina Island in the background, you can see small black dots moving over the sky.

A ship is sailing hundreds of meters below the black dot ...

Apparently different from ordinary aircraft and drones.

If you zoom in further, you can see that the object has a shape similar to a human.

The figure of the jet pack man moving in the opposite direction to the aircraft disappeared soon. Although the pilot reported to the FAA that he had encountered a mysterious object, he submitted an official report because there was no communication about the jetpack man on the wireless communication used in the training area and there was no additional information. It seems that it is not. The FAA also stated in an official statement that it had not received an official report on the matter.

The Drive, an overseas media outlet that reported on the incident, pointed out that the existing jetpack has a very short cruising range, so it is puzzling to fly over thousands of feet with heavy aircraft traffic. The 'drone made to look like a human' as shown in the following movie suggested the possibility of being a jetpack man.


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