'Jetpack man sighting incident' by aircraft reoccurs, this time flying '1800 meters above'



On August 31, 2020, an aircraft pilot flying near Los Angeles International Airport witnessed a 'man flying in a jetpack.' The FBI was searching for this mysterious 'jetpack man,' but it was reported that a similar sighting had occurred as if to ridicule the FBI.

Taiwan's China Airlines encounters man flying with jet pack in Los Angeles skies | Taiwan News

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LAX Jetpack Sighting: 2nd Person Spotted Flying Jetpack Over LA

On August 31, 2020, American Airlines flight 1997, which was flying about 10 miles (16 km) from Los Angeles International Airport, witnessed a 'jetpack man' about 300 yards (about 270 meters) ahead. I reported. At the time of sighting, American Airlines flight 1997 was flying about 3000 feet and was ready for landing.

An unidentified 'man flying with a jet pack' runs in parallel with a passenger plane --GIGAZINE

Since flying near the flight route to the airport is prohibited, the Los Angeles Police Department, a local police officer, conducted an investigation by helicopter and ground patrol, but no information could be obtained to clarify the case, and a federal investigation The Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has taken over the investigation.

However, about a month and a half after the incident, at 13:45 on October 14, 2020, a jetpack man was witnessed again near Los Angeles International Airlines. The next witness is the crew of Taiwan's China Airlines flight 006. At the time of the incident, the aircraft was flying at an altitude of 6000 feet, 11 km northwest of Los Angeles International Airport.

The communication between China Airlines flight 006 and the Los Angeles International Air Traffic Control Tower at the time of the incident is as follows.

China Airlines Flight 006:
I witnessed a shining object at 6000 feet.

control tower:
Can you tell me flight 006 again?

China Airlines Flight 006:
I saw an object like a flight suit with a jetpack at an altitude of 6000 feet.

control tower:
Was it an unmanned aerial vehicle? Or is it a jet pack?

China Airlines Flight 006:
It looked like a jetpack, but it was too bright and too far away.

control tower:
Roger that. Thank you……. A jetpack was witnessed about 13 miles (21 km) away on Emirates flight 215.

by Steve Jurvetson

Upon receiving the report on China Airlines Flight 006, the Federal Aviation Administration immediately contacted local law enforcement agencies. The information has been passed to the FBI.

The August 2020 sightings occurred at an altitude of 3000 feet (about 910 meters), while the October 2020 sightings occurred at an altitude of 6000 feet (about 1800 meters), and there is a high degree of difference. .. Media outlets have a limited number of jetpacks that can reach up to 6000 feet, and the jetpack man in question could be a mannequin rather than a human, or a drone or balloon rather than a man equipped with a jetpack in the first place. I point out the sex.

The Los Angeles Times, a local newspaper, found that JetPack Aviation was the only company with a history of developing backpack-type jetpacks near Los Angeles International Airport, and the company's CEO, David Mayman, said, 'Our backpacks. Jetpacks are controlled, not for sale, and we have never sold backpack-type jetpacks from our competitors. '

According to the Los Angeles Times, the FBI hinted that 'these sightings are suspicious of the cities of Cudahy and Vernon in southeastern Los Angeles, which are dotted with commerce and manufacturing.'

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