An unidentified 'man flying with a jet pack' runs side by side with an airliner


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Local time On August 30, 2020, an incident occurred in which a 'man flying in a jetback' appeared near an airplane that was about to land at Los Angeles International Airport.

FBI investigating pilot's report of'guy in jetpack' flying 3,000 feet in air near planes at LAX

Airline Pilots Landing At LAX Report 'A Guy In Jetpack' Flying Alongside Them-The Drive

The man who flew with this jet pack appeared about 300 yards (about 270 meters) from American Airlines Flight 1997. At the time of the incident, the Aircraft was about 10 miles (16 km) away from Los Angeles International Airport and was in a landing position.

Below is the communication between American Airlines Flight 1997 and the Los Angeles International Airport Control Tower, which was obtained by Fox News, which is a major American media.

American Airlines Flight 1997:
To the control tower, this is American Airlines Flight 1997, this aircraft has overtaken a man equipped with a jet pack.

Los Angeles International Airport Control Tower:
Thank you so much for flying American Airlines Flight 1997. Was the man on the left wing? Was it on the right wing?

American Airlines Flight 1997:
At a distance of about 300 yards (about 270 meters) on the left wing side of the aircraft, the altitude was about 3000 feet (about 910 meters), which is almost the same as the aircraft.

by Colin Brown Photography

The man in question has been confirmed by two pilots on American Airlines Flight 1997 and is unlikely to be a mistake, considering the distance of 300 yards. This case was reported to the Los Angeles Police Department via the Federal Aviation Administration, which conducted an investigation. Just after the incident, the Los Angeles Police Department investigated the sky above, but decided that no man in the jetpack was found, so he switched to a helicopter or ground patrol. After that, on September 2, 2020, two days after the incident occurred, the investigation was taken over by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Fox News said, 'There are jetpacks that can fly up to 3000 feet, but common sense is that jetpacks can't fly to those altitudes.' 'If you own a jetpack, Los Angeles International It's natural to know that jetpack flights are prohibited near the flight path to the airport.'

In addition, when the control tower that was contacted by American Airlines Flight 1997 made a notification to Jet Blue Airlines flight 23 flying in the neighborhood, the pilot of Jet Blue Airlines flight 23 said, ``Only in LA (Los Angeles limited I replied, '

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