US military shoots down Chinese reconnaissance balloon crossing US airspace, Chinese foreign ministry protests

A Chinese reconnaissance balloon that appeared over the mainland United States was shot down by the US military in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South Carolina.

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The balloon entered Alaska on January 28th. She entered Canadian territory on January 30th, and again entered American territory from Idaho on January 31st.

It was on February 2nd that the existence of the balloon became public. After that, the balloon flew further east, crossed US airspace, and left South Carolina to the Atlantic side. An F-22 sortie from Langley Air Force Base uses AIM-9X missiles to shoot down a balloon over the Atlantic Ocean. In South Carolina, multiple people have reported the moment a balloon was shot down.

President Biden had issued a shoot-down order for the balloon as of February 1, but it is flying 60,000 feet higher than a commercial aircraft and does not pose a military or physical threat to the ground. , The Pentagon advised against shooting down because debris would fall on the ground when shot down.

Regarding the balloon entering US airspace, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, ``We express strong dissatisfaction and protest that the US used force to shoot down a civilian unmanned aerial vehicle. I have notified you many times that I entered the airspace of the United States due to force majeure.It was a complete accident.'

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