Google Maps improves COVID-19 related functions & adds multiple functions such as a function to know the delivery status of delivery

Google Maps has been updated to show 'a function that makes it easier to understand the infection status of COVID-19', 'a function that allows you to know the congestion status of public transportation in real time', 'delivery status and takeout preparation status'. 'Functions' and 'functions that enable voice calls and music playback while Google Maps is running as a car navigation system' have been added.

Google Maps updates to get you through the holidays

The September 2020 update reflected the COVID-19 epidemic on Google Maps, but the November 17th update updated this feature.

You can check the epidemic status of the new coronavirus on Google Maps --GIGAZINE

In the coming weeks, Google Maps for Android and iOS will have a page link for infection status published by local governments in addition to the 'COVID-19 epidemic status layer'. This makes it easy to understand what kind of restrictions the local government, which is the destination, has when moving across states and prefectures.

In addition, the new Google Maps will show real-time public transport congestion, allowing you to avoid buses and trains that are too socially distant. This function is built on the

function to display the delay information and congestion status of public transportation implemented in 2019, and will be updated by receiving feedback from users.

And it will also implement a feature that will tell you the delivery status of the delivery you ordered via Google Maps. At the time of writing the article, this function will be limited to the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil, India, etc., but the time until the ordered food arrives and the preparation of the shop to go to get the food Will tell you when it will be completed.

Google I / O 2019 introduces a hands-free driving mode for the Google Assistant. With this update, the interface of this driving mode has been improved so that the driver can answer calls, send and receive messages, play music, etc. without taking his eyes off the course while the car navigation system is running. In addition to selecting the driving mode when setting the destination on Google Maps, it is possible to select the mode via voice assistant saying 'OK, open Google Assistant settings'. This feature allows the driver to focus on driving without distracting others.

According to Google, a total of about 250 functions have been added to Google Maps since the pandemic in 2020. This update is expected to be effective for the year-end and New Year holidays when people move more, but Google says it will continue to develop new features to survive the pandemic.

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