Claims that HP's printer business is driving bad practices in the industry

There are various peripherals for PCs, but among them, printer ink is a consumable item and is a big business for PC peripherals manufacturers.

HP , which holds a large share in the printer market, has canceled the plan 'Free Ink for Life' that allows you to replenish ink for free up to 15 pages a month, and 'you have to pay $ 0.99 (about 104 yen) a month even within 15 pages a month. If the printer is stopped, it is decided. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has issued a statement of anger.

Ink-Stained Wretches: The Battle for the Soul of Digital Freedom Taking Place Inside Your Printer | Electronic Frontier Foundation

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For printers, ink is a consumable item that must be replenished, and for peripheral manufacturers, printer ink is 'liquid gold,' EFF said. Because for manufacturers that there is intention 'I want to buy a large amount of ink is consumed quickly', reduced the amount of ink contained in the cartridge Ri, the printer to consume a large amount of ink in the calibration test was designed with interest, the EFF has claimed.

EFF also pointed out in 2018 that Epson had downgraded its firmware to eliminate compatible ink cartridges.

It turns out that Epson was downgrading to eliminate cheap compatible ink cartridges-GIGAZINE

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And since the spread of monthly paid subscription services, HP has launched 'HP Instant Ink,' which charges based on the number of pages printed each month. By registering a printer compatible with HP Instant Ink in association with your account, you can manage the number of prints and the remaining amount of ink online, and when the remaining amount of ink is low, ink will be sent to you. It is a service that eliminates the need to go to buy ink.

This HP Instant Ink had a plan called 'Free Ink for Life' that allows you to print up to 15 pages a month for free. However, according to EFF, in October 2020, HP suddenly sent an email notifying the change of the service content that 'the plan of 15 pages a month that was free so far requires paying $ 0.99 every month'. That thing. Since the printer is managed online, it seems that the printer will not be available if there is no payment.

'During the pandemic of the new coronavirus, home printers have become much more important to our lives. Students need to print and fill out school assignments, and government documents and contracts. You also have to print. Schools and companies are often closed and you have to print at your own home, 'he said, advocating the need for a printer.

'The printer industry is the world leader when it comes to using technology to confiscate value from the general public, and HP is the printer industry leader.' 'HP as a purse-sucking ink scammer Reinventing the wheel is a really sad shift, and the only thing worse than HP's decline is the many imitators inspired by HP, 'he said, criticizing the printer industry for preying on consumers.

The issue of printers and ink has also developed into a trial in Japan. In 2007, Epson appealed to Ecorica , which sells ink compatible with Epson printers, that 'recycled ink manufactured and sold by Ecorica infringes the patent of the ink tank owned by Epson' and sold it. We have filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction.

Regarding the infringement infringement claim decision with Seiko Epson Corporation-

In this case, both the first and second trials ruled that Epson's patent should be invalidated, and the Supreme Court dismissed Epson's appeal, confirming Ecorica's victory.

Ecorica-Company Information-

Then, on October 27, 2020, Ecorica told Canon, a printer manufacturer alongside Epson, that the exclusion of compatible cartridge products due to a change in the specifications of the IC chip of the ink cartridge was 'a violation of the Exclusive Prohibition Law concerning ink cartridges for inkjet printers. We announced that we have filed an injunction claim lawsuit.

Notice regarding proceedings against Ecorica Co., Ltd. and Canon Inc.

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