Pointed out that Epson printers have hidden ``programs that stop working after a certain period of use'' and are contrary to ``rights to repair''

Media that handles the right to repairFight to RepairSome models of Epson inkjet printers are equipped with a program that ``Hardware will stop working due to long-term use of the product'', which is a way for consumers to repair. It points out that it is against the 'right to repair' that gives freedom.

Citing Danger of “Ink Spills” Epson Programs End of Life for Some Printers


After using an Epson inkjet printer for a long time, the printer stops working with a message indicating that the internal waste ink absorbing pad is nearing the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced or repaired. there is.

The waste ink absorption pad is a part that collects the excess ink during printing. This part wears out over time and the ink may spill, which may cause an abnormality inside the printer and cause property damage.


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Under normal usage, other parts will wear out before the end of the life of the waste ink absorption pad, or it will take a long time for the user to consider replacing it, but some users prefer other parts. Even if the life of the waste ink absorption pad comes earlier than that, and other parts are working normally, the above error message will be displayed.

After the error message is displayed, the user has limited options to either replace or repair the message, or reset the counter using software such as Epson's 'Ink Pads Reset Utility'. You need to do. However, the Ink Pads Reset Utility can be used 'only once', and it seems that the period until the error message is displayed again will be shorter.

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Despite this design due to safety concerns, Fight to Repair says, ``If you let go of a product that has just one part reaching the end of its useful life and the rest is fine, it's an epidemic of e-waste. , forcing customers to make expensive and unnecessary upgrades.'

Furthermore, there is also a problem that the problem that the waste ink absorption pad may reach its limit is not conspicuously indicated to the user before purchase. Aaron Perzanowski, a professor of law at the University of Michigan and author of The Right to Repair , said, 'Even if there is some language embedded in the license or on the website, such a system of software time bombs would not be consumed. It goes against the reasonable expectations of people, and I think it could very well be considered an unfair or deceptive practice under Federal Trade Commission law and state-level consumer protection laws.' said.

Jonathan Zittrain, professor of international law at Harvard University, said, ``The fact that a printer breaks down on its own after a while is a great example of ``I thought I bought a product, but I was actually renting a service.'' However, I was reluctant to think that a program that worked because of its useful life might be illegal. Mr. Zittrain said, ``It is in the interest of consumers to regulate these practices more clearly,'' even if it is necessary for safety, the view that the specifications should be clearly shown to consumers. showed.

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