It turns out that the ink subscription fee for HP printers will explode 1.5 times from January 2024


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It has been learned that users of HP Instant Ink, a subscription service that allows users to purchase ink for HP printers at up to 50% discount, have been sent notices of price increases from January 2024, an IT news site reported. Ghacks Technology News (Ghacks) reported.

HP raising Instant Ink subscription pricing significantly - gHacks Tech News

HP's Instant Ink is a subscription service that provides subscribers with printer cartridges, ink, and the number of pages they can print each month.Subscribers can choose from seven plans depending on the number of pages they print each month.

According to an email to German users confirmed by Ghacks, the cheapest plan that allows you to print 10 pages is 0.99 euros (about 154 yen) per month at the time of article creation, but this will increase to 1.49 euros (about 232 yen) from January 2024. It is said that the price will increase by about 50%.

It has been announced that other plans will also increase in price, although not as rapidly as the cheapest plan. The details of the fees are as follows.
plan old price new price
10 pages 0.99 euro (approx. 154 yen) 1.49 euros (approx. 232 yen)
50 pages 3.99 euros (approx. 622 yen) 4.99 euros (approx. 778 yen)
100 pages 5.99 euros (approx. 934 yen) 6.99 euros (approx. 1090 yen)
300 pages 11.99 euros (approx. 1870 yen) 13.99 euros (approx. 2182 yen)
500 pages 18.99 euros (approx. 2962 yen) 20.99 euros (approx. 3274 yen)
700 pages 24.99 euros (approx. 3898 yen) 27.99 euros (approx. 4366 yen)
1500 pages 49.99 euros (approx. 7798 yen) 54.99 euros (approx. 8,578 yen)

All confirmed price increase notices were sent to users in Germany, so it is unclear at the time of article creation whether the price revision is only in Germany or whether prices will increase in other regions as well.

This is the second time since 2022 that HP's ink subscription prices have increased by 50%. Previously, the number of pages that could be printed with Instant Ink's cheapest plan was 15 pages, but with the last change, the number of pages that could be printed was 10 pages, effectively increasing the price per page by 1.5 times. The prices of other plans were also adjusted at the same time.

Ghacks says, 'Subscription services like Instant Ink are good money for the company. They're not as bad as

HP+, which completely bans the use of third-party ink cartridges, but they're not the best choice for most users.' said.

Furthermore, Ghacks says, ``If you're going to buy a new printer, buy a Brother printer.If you can't use the ink or ink cartridges anymore, or if you have to purchase ink on a regular basis, try to block third-party ink cartridges at all costs like HP. There's no need to worry about it happening,' he added. Brother Printer A4 Inkjet Multifunction Machine DCP-J528N (Wi-Fi/Automatic double-sided printing/Smartphone compatible/2023 model): Computers/Peripherals

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