It is clear that if you delete your Facebook account, 'Oculus purchase information will also be involved'

In August 2020, Facebook-affiliated VR company Oculus announced that it would

require a Facebook account to log in to Oculus devices , indicating its intention to integrate Facebook and Oculus accounts. Along with this, it became newly clear that 'If you delete your Facebook account, your Oculus information will also be deleted.'

Deleting Facebook? You'll Lose Linked Oculus Store Purchases

Deleting Facebook also deletes your Oculus purchases •

You Will Lose All Your Oculus Games If You Delete Your Linked Facebook Account --IGN

Regarding the issue of integration of Facebook account and Oculus account, there are a series of strong criticisms from people who are reluctant to manage personal information on Facebook, and it is said that it violates antitrust law. There is also a view.

Requiring a Facebook account to log in to Oculus could be a violation of antitrust law-GIGAZINE

Meanwhile, Cix , CEO and co-founder of YUR Fit , which develops software for VR devices, said on October 23, 2020, 'If you stop your Facebook profile, your Oculus profile will be invalidated. If you delete your Facebook account, your games, purchases, and progress will all disappear, 'he posted on Twitter.

Based on Mr. Cix's information, the display when UploadVR, a news site specializing in VR information, actually tried to delete the Facebook account is as follows. The item to disable your Facebook account says 'You will not be able to access your Oculus or Oculus information', and the item to delete says 'If you delete your Facebook account, your Oculus information will also be deleted. This includes the purchase history and achievements of the app. '

Regarding this, the British game information site Eurogamer said, 'While Facebook and its services are being scrutinized, many people are proposing to create a'Facebook account for Oculus', but this approach There are concerns that may not work, 'he said.

According to the American entertainment information site IGN, the only Oculus product that requires a Facebook account to use is Oculus Quest 2 at the time of writing, and those who already have an old Oculus product until January 1, 2023 You will not be asked for a Facebook account. However, if you are new to Oculus products, you will need to log in with your Facebook account for any Oculus product.

In response to an UploadVR inquiry, a Facebook spokeswoman said, 'When it's almost time for Oculus account support to end, we'll provide information to existing users who choose not to log in with their Facebook account.'

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