What are the new corona measures that you should know at indoor gatherings?

For the first time since the declaration of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, full-scale winter is approaching. Due to the low temperature, it is expected that more people will gather indoors day and night. Olga Kazan of the news site The Atlantic summarizes how to prevent infection with the new coronavirus when spending time indoors.

Is It Safe to Have Dinner Together Inside? --The Atlantic

According to Kazan, it's unsafe to get together indoors at parties, and many healthcare professionals and professionals argue that 'you shouldn't spend a lot of time indoors with others when you can't mask.' It is said that it is doing. The chances of getting infected with the new coronavirus are about 20 times higher indoors than outdoors, and indoor gatherings have caused many outbreaks, Kazan said.

In June 2020, 18 people were infected with the new coronavirus at a birthday party in Texas, USA, and in July 2020, 43 people at a home party in Michigan, a family in North Carolina. There was an outbreak of 40 people at the gathering. 'But it's unrealistic for many to stay alone in the room all winter without seeing anyone, or to keep indoor gatherings banned until a vaccine is available,' Kazan said. ..

When Kazan asked Caitlin Rivers, an associate professor of environmental hygiene at Johns Hopkins University, what to look out for under the condition of 'holding a dinner party in the dining room,' Rivers said, 'As many people as possible. He mentioned three points to note: 'Reduce the number of people', 'Limit only to people under the age of 60', and 'Open about 1.8 meters between people'.

In addition, even in the same room, there is a high possibility that the risk of infection will increase depending on the location, such as in the corner of a room where air does not circulate easily, so you need to be careful about where you sit. Read the following articles to find out more about places at high risk of infection indoors.

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In addition, proper ventilation and proper room air replacement are also important to reduce the risk of virus infection in the room.

How should 'ventilation' be performed as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus? --GIGAZINE

When spending time indoors, pay attention to air circulation and ventilation, and 'be careful about the distance between people', 'be sure to wear a mask when you cannot be careful about the distance', and 'wash your hands'. The United States Department of Health and Human Services warns that three things should be observed.

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