The Supreme Court ruled that 'Subway sandwiches are too sweet to be bread'

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Subway is familiar with sandwiches full of vegetables using oval bread. In a court case over Subway's flagship sandwich, the Irish Supreme Court ruled that 'Subway sandwiches are too sweet to be classified as'bread'.'

Sandwiches in Subway'too sugary to meet legal definition of being bread'

Subway sandwiches do not meet legal definition of being BREAD, Ireland's Supreme Court rules | Daily Mail Online

The trial over Subway sandwiches, which was decided this time, is related to the value-added tax levied on goods, food, services, etc. as indirect consumption tax. Japan's sales tax is also classified as VAT, and 9.2% VAT was added to sandwiches sold at Subway stores in Ireland.

However, Ireland's value-added tax has a mechanism called 'zero tax rate' in which the tax rate levied on goods, food and services is 0%. This is to exempt the value-added tax mainly on the necessities closely related to people's daily life, and the value-added tax is 0% because the staple food 'bread' is also subject to the zero tax rate. thing.

Bookfinders Ltd, a franchise company that operates Subway stores in Ireland, took notice of this point. Bookfinders Ltd has been in court since 2006 seeking a refund of VAT, arguing that 'Subway sandwiches are'bread'and the VAT should be 0% subject to a zero tax rate.' It seems to be.

And 14 years after the trial began, the Irish Supreme Court finally ruled that 'subway sandwiches are not bread.' The ruling was not the judge's impression, but was derived from the fact that the sandwich dough contained too much 'sugar.'

The Irish value-added tax law defines bread that is subject to the zero tax rate, and the weight of ingredients such as sugar, fat, and dough improver exceeds 2% of the weight of wheat flour in bread that is subject to the zero tax rate. It is said that it should not be done. This was a standard established to distinguish between bread, which is a staple food, and baked confectionery, which is a personal favorite.

Meanwhile, judges point out that the dough used for Subway sandwiches was 10% sugar by weight. He ruled that Bookfinders Ltd's claim for a VAT refund would not be accepted, saying that Subway sandwiches deviate from the definition of bread subject to a zero tax rate.

Judge Donal O'Donnell of the Supreme Court dismissed Bookfinders Ltd's appeal, but said that the point of view was 'original.'

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