Innovative method 'cube rule' capable of classifying ambiguous dishes such as 'Hot dogs are included in sandwiches' is invented

by Rajesh TP

"If the food sandwiched between bread is a sandwich, does not the hot dog go into the sandwich?" "If sandwiches that wrapped food with bread, curry bun is classified as a sandwich?", Such as dishes The classification of each is a person, and a fierce argument will take place at times. Meanwhile, Twitter user literally misandré (@ indirect) is summarizing all categories of food based on "Cube Rule".

The Cube Rule

As a question that can make the public a problem regularly, there is what "Hot dogs are included in the sandwich?"

In other words, "This sandwich has sandwiches sandwiched between cheeses, Ruben sand , peanut butter and jelly sandwiches , but is it true that hot dogs can be recognized as sandwiches as well?"

Surprisingly, New York State is answering this difficult question.

According to the document stipulated for taxes in New York State ......

It seems that hot dogs containing sausages are included in sandwiches.

But even if the sandwich controversy ends, the same battle will continue. Twitter user @ kadybat threw in, "Is America's sweets poptars a kind of ravioli ?" Popstars is a flour fabric wrapped in a sweet flavor, ravioli is generally wrapped in minced meat, chopped onions, cheese etc, but the same is true that food is wrapped in either.

The newly outbreaked poptars · ravioli controversy does not know where to stay and finally "Please wait, the ravioli is a kind of pop tuts" and it appears to pop-tarts officials.

This is a table summarized by @ matttomic of Twitter users about various factions that exist in the world. Regarding the form of sandwiches people think, it is composed of constituent fundamentalists that "sandwiches are limited to those sandwiched between two breads", "If something is caught or something is wrapped it is a sandwich" Until the Liberal list, there are so many widths. Also, regarding the material of the sandwich, "From the material fundamentalists" only sliced meat, vegetables, cheese is sandwiched by sandwiches "," If you sandwiched something like sliced meat or sausage or ice cream, it is a sandwich It is a wide range of materials to the material liberal list.

In the current situation where it is argued from hard-line traditionalists who recognize only general BLT sandwich as a sandwich until radical sandwich anarchy including pop tatters in sandwiches, only chaos is born.

In such a situation, @ Phosphatide of Twitter user brought a suggestion like a savior. We decided to classify every dish based on the "Cube Rule".

Below is a diagram showing "What is a cube rule". In the cube rule, classification is carried out based on "the position of bread and dough wrapped in food". Based on the cube rule, every dish can be classified into "1: Toast", "2: Sandwich", "3: Tacos", "4: Sushi", "5: Kish " and "6: Calzone ".

Classification by cube rule is as follows.

◆ 1: Toast <br> First of all, in the case of "toast", bread and buns are located under the ingredients.

Based on this classification, "pizza" "nigiri sushi" "sliced pie" etc. are classified as toast. Some people may want to dispute that sushi is classified as toast, but some concessions are also necessary for the conclusion of the war.

◆ 2: Sandwich - On the "sandwich" that subsequently became the origin of the controversy, in the cube rule is meant a food item sandwiched between buns and bread from above and below.

The dishes included are as follows. It was a lineup such as " Lasagna " "Toast Sand" "Quadruple Quesadilla ".

◆ 3: Tacos "Tacos" includes those that bread and dough covers the three sides of the ingredients.

"Hot Dog" "Sandwich of Subway" "Slice of Pie Covered with Fabric Top" are classified as tacos.

◆ 4: Sushi: "Sushi" in the cube rule seems to refer to rolled sushi such as California roll, and the one around the foodstuff wrapped around sushi is said to be classified as sushi.

According to this rule, "sand of falafel " "bread with sausage rolled round" " enchilada " etc. are classified as sushi. It is a very multinational lineup.

◆ 5: Quiche <br> And, the one covered with fabric on all sides except the top is classified as "quiche".

"Cheesecake", "Bread Bowl", "Falafel's Pita " etc seems to be included in Quiche.

◆ 6: Calzone - In the cube rule, the dish completely cooked food ingredients will become "Calzone".

" Burritos " "American dogs" "Hole Pies" ... ...

"California" "Pop Tutsu" "Unclusterable sandwich " (something like the packed-up packs sold in Japan) "will be Calzone.

In addition to the above classification, Misandré advocates yet another classification.

◆ 7: Salad "Salad" refers to dishes in which no ingredients are wrapped ... ...

"Steak" "Mashed potato" "Fried rice" etc. are classified as salad.

According to the "cube rule" invented this time, a certain conclusion has come up in the controversy "what is included in the sandwich?" In the future when discussing classification of sandwiches with someone "Bread with sausage is a sandwich?" Etc., if you decide "Based on the cube rule, it is" sushi "based on the cube rule You may be able to avoid barren fighting.

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