13 sandwiches in unknown world such as "Toast · Hawaii" made with ham & pineapple & cheese Summary

The sandwich of "just having ingredients in bread" is incredibly inconceivablePower upThen,Hotel New OtaniThe sandwich buffet is popular enough to have a matrix despite the price of 3800 yen. In the world there are a lot of sandwiches that are not well known, so that the YouTube channelFood, People, PlacesHas compiled sandwiches from all over the world including Poland, America, Vietnam, South Africa with movies.

13 Sandwiches from all over the World - YouTube

First of all sliced ​​bread is placed on the table.

On the breadIo resourcePut on the chicken with ...

A few slices of avocado and salt.

Place more sliced ​​tomatoes.

Completion of 'Chicken · Avocado · Aoli' which is eaten in Australia if cut.

Subsequently, it is painted on a long baguetteTingleThe source of red peppers.

I will arrange the meat roasted here.

Flavor of ham's flavor.

In addition, I put a french fries potatoes.

This is a fast food food often eaten in Cape Town, South Africa "GatsbySandwich called.

Next time, I will spread butter on the bread that cut the ear.

Arrange sliced ​​cucumber and sprinkle salt with flavor.

Place the bread on top and cut it in quarters to complete "Cucumber sandwich" that can not be used for British afternoon tea.

Next time I will put plenty of peanut butter on a bread with ear.

Strawberry jam on the other side.

Together with this, ...

Peanut butter and jam sandwiches that are eaten in America.

Next, I paint the butter in brown bread.

Completed with salmon and dill, Denmark's open sand "Smear Blows"

This time the sandwich is not butter, I am using plenty of olive oil.

Place mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, basil.

Furthermore, sand the leafy vegetables with bread ......

If you toast, Italian sandwiches, "PaninoIt is the completion of ".

In addition, ham and toasted bread ......

Plenty of cheese.

Place the sliced ​​bread on top of it and then toast.

When I baked and cheese melts and melts,Bechamel sauceYaMorne sauceAfter painting, French sandwiches "Croc Mush"Has been completed.

Next, prepare bread with grilled eyes.

Put a break in the middle ... ...

I paint a cucumber that was a mayonnaise.

There, the meat was roastedDoner kebabServe slices of slices ... ...

Add plenty of vegetables such as purple cabbage, cabbage, tomato, cucumber and so on.

It is a Turkish specialty, Doner kebab sandwich.

In the next sandwich, I will paint lever paste, not butter or mayonnaise in French bread.

Toppings such as purple cabbage, carrot, cucumber, bacon etc.

It seasons with Pakuchi, pepper, Nampura etc.

Vietnamese sandwiches are "Binmy". In Vietnam, culture of bread expanded after French colonial rule at the end of the 19th century, and Binmy was born.

Next we will put minced meat on top of the bread.

Put cheese and pickles ...

American classic staple food, "Slumpy Joe"

The next recipe for sandwiches is to put minced vegetables and thick chorizo ​​on the bread.

South America's soul food, "Choripan"was.

I will put mushrooms on baguettes.

There, plenty of cheese.

When baking and ketchup is applied where cheese melts ... ...

Poland's sandwich "Zapiikanca"

Finally, ham and pineapple are placed on top of the bread.

Grilled cheese and baked ...

Topping with cherries, German sandwiches "Toast Hawaii"Has been completed.

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