What kind of dinner has been eaten in the past 100 years Movie understanding by one shot "100 Years of Family Dinners"

"What are the children all over the world eating for breakfast?If you look at, you can see that there is a big difference in the breakfast children eat depending on the country. Then, comparing the meals of the past 100 years back in time in the same country, how much does the contents change? Movie summarizing the answer to such a question in an easy-to-understand manner100 Years of Family Dinners"Is published on YouTube.

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"100 years of dinner"

So, first of all, from the dinner of 1915 before 100 years ago. The menu is roast beef and Franconian potato.

The dishes came out ......

Roasted beef and Franconian potato were served there.

The combination of thick roast beef and terra terra shining potato seems to be popular even now even after 100 years. "Franconian potato" is the GermanFranconia regionIt seems to indicate potato being eaten by.

Dinner of each age in the movie ......

Styles in which menus of the next generation appear when they finish with pelori.

Then in 1925Chicken · A · La · King.

On rice ... ....

It is a dish containing chicken and vegetables seasoned with cream sauce. I heard that you may eat bread with toast or pie.

It looks like trolley sauce rice and has plenty of vegetables.

The representative menu of 1935 was a green peased fry with cream · chipped beef and butter.

To a toasted bread, put cream · chipped beef sliced ​​sliced ​​beef with plenty of white sauce and put side dishes peppered with butter.Chipped beefIt seems to be dried meat sliced ​​like ham.

Plenty of white sauce is put on, it looks very gorgeous.

In 1945 spam and baked potatoes, lima beans.

The most frugal dinner menu ever seen.

Spam seems to be fried in oil, not baked.

Next was TV dinner in 1955.

It was a square case that appeared on the table. This is a frozen food that can be heated in the oven.

Roast turkey with plenty of gravy sauce inside ... ...

Green peas and mashed potatoes.

Roasted turkey looks juicy and ... ...

Beans that appear constantly from the menu of 1925.

And everyone likes a combination of mashed potatoes. It is a pretty heinous combo.

In 1965 chiken Kiev and steamed carrots & potatoes.

Chicken kiev fried chicken with bread crumbs and steamed carrots & potatoes. Plenty of cream sauce on potatoes.

Chicken Kiev is a cutlet of Ukrainian or Russian cook, with butter rolled with bone-free chicken breast meat, baked with fried eggs, bread crumbs or baked fried or fried.

Cheese fondue in 1975. Originally cooked old wine cheese with white wine etc. It is a dish seen in the Alps mountain area such as Switzerland, France, Italy etc.

We prepare picks (sticks for sticking ingredients and tying up cheese), table for putting pots, ingredients to taste cheese and eat (ham and bread).

Cheese fondue was made with Gruyere cheese of Switzerland.

OK if you eat it with plenty of bread and ham in cheese.

I can not find anything of vegetables anywhere.

In 1985Sloppy · Joe&Macaroni and cheese.

Macaroni and cheese is the yellow food on the bottom right. As its name suggests, cheese is included in macaroni.

Sloppy · Joe was seasoned beef ground minced beef and sandwiched between buns, feel like American family homeburger.

Beef tacos and refried beans in 1995.

First of all, serve lettuce shreds on a plate ......

I will put three tacos here.

And finished toppling refried beans with boiled beans frying with oil and crushed.

It is a menu of plenty of vegetables after a long absence.

Sushi in 2005.

Pour soy sauce on the dish ......

Serve sushi.

There are five types of sushi: a handful of tuna, shrimp and salmon, and tuna & avocado winding / avocado winding.

Finally complete the dish with gulls and wasabi.

It seems that sushi is blending in overseas culture more than Japanese people think.

And the menu of 2015 is a kale salad with grilled salmon on the quinoa pyraf.

First of all, serve quinoa's pilaf on a plate ......

In addition, put grilled salmon and lemon.

Then complete toppling plenty of Kale 's salad on the same dish.

From 1995, it has changed to a healthy menu at once, but there is plenty of salad in the menu of 2015 and there is no "meat-free menu". It is surprising that from 2005 onwards, "meatless menu" appears as a classic menu.

Although it is not stated as "dinner of the past 100 years of the United States" in particular, it is the American mediaMODE. In addition to "100 Years of Family Dinners", MODE also publishes movies to follow changes in the past 100 years such as wedding dresses, lingerie, swimwear, fashion.

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